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ESL Glossary



A stamp placed inside of your passport that allows you to legally enter and stay in a foreign country for a specified amount of time.

Visa Waiver

The lack of necessity to obtain a visa when traveling abroad. Whether you need a visa or not depends on the relationship between the governments of your home country and the destination country. Research ahead of time at the local embassy or consulate of your destination country about the appropriate visa status for you. Your school will also be very knowledgeable about what type of visa, if any, you need. Some countries (such as the U.S.) have different visa requirements based on the number of hours an international student will spend in the classroom receiving instruction. The government (INS) has issued a law that all foreigners seeking entrance into the U.S. for the purpose of study must be enrolled in classroom instruction for a certain number of hours per week to be considered eligible to receive the F-1 visa.

Vocational and Technical Schools

Schools that prepare students for immediate placement in specific jobs. Graduates of these types of schools generally do not move on to higher levels of postsecondary education. Vocational and technical schools offer certificates rather than academic degrees.

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