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ESL Glossary


F-1 Visa / F-1 Student

F-1 students must possess an I-20 from the institution they are attending. The I-20 is the form F-1 students use to enter the United States and to notify the INS of a transfer to a new institution or program. Students must complete their course of study by the date shown on the I-20 Form or request a program extension with assistance from a foreign student adviser. In order to obtain an F-1 Visa for entry into the US, students must be enrolled as Full-Time. For more information contact the nearest embassy or consulate of your destination country.


Areas of the school campus like the cafeteria, gymnasium, computer room, and other places that are available for student use.


Teaching staff of a school (professors, associate and assistant professors, lecturers, and instructors). The faculty is divided into "departments" according to academic specialty (e.g., the Department of History).


The Federation of Independent English Language Schools of New Zealand (FIELS NZ) is a consortium of private ESL schools that share the common goal of providing their students with high quality courses and services while they stay in New Zealand. All FIELS member schools are registered with the New Zealand Government.

Financial Aid

Monetary assistance given to those needy students who have submitted a documented request.

Final Examination

A large test taken at the end of a semester that typically covers the majority of that semester's study. Although it depends on the course, there are some final examinations (abbreviated to "Final Exam" or "Final") that count for a large percentage of the final grade.

Financial Statement

A document from your bank which proves that there are sufficient funds in your account to pay for a school's tuition fee and living costs while enrolled. Depending on the relationship between your country and the destination country, a financial statement may be necessary when applying for a visa.


British English equivalent of "apartment."


A meal plan (see "Meal Plan") where students receive three meals each day.

Full-Time Student

A student who is recognized by the school as being enrolled in enough classes to attain the amount of credits that meet school requirements. Being a full-time student is often necessary to obtain a visa.