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ESL Glossary


Payment Method

How you will pay school fees. All schools accept bank transfers and bank checks. Some will also accept major credit cards.

PELSA Canada

Private English Language Schools Association (PELSA Canada) is a national consortium for private English language schools that promotes the development and growth of the English language school industry in Canada.

Placement Test

An examination taken by students before classes begin which measures a student's English ability level. The results of the placement test are used to place students in an appropriate course level.

Postgraduate Student

Refers to a student who has finished the undergraduate level requirements, graduated, and is currently pursuing a higher level degree. In England and Australia "Postgraduate" is regularly used to refer to these students, yet in America "Graduate Student" is more commonly used.

Postsecondary Education

Refers to college, university, or other forms of education that begin after 12 years of primary and secondary education.