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ESL Glossary



A meal plan where students receive two meals (Breakfast and Dinner) each day.

Health Certificate (Health Report)

The official results of a physical examination that is written by a doctor. In addition to this document, "Health Report" refers to your medical history, immunization records, eyeglass prescription, drug prescriptions, and a written record of any remedy that you use on a regular basis. The official documentation should be in English or you should bring translations with you.


A type of housing where an international student lives together and has meals with a host family. Through this experience, a student is able to directly participate in the host country's distinctive culture.

Host Country

The country where a student will be studying. Also called "destination country."

Host Family

A family native to the international student's host country that provides international students with housing and meals.

Host School

School where an international student studies.

House/Apartment Share

A living arrangement where one or more students live together in a private setting. Although more expensive than a Homestay or Dormitory, this is a popular option due to the large amount of privacy.

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