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"I didn't want to waste my money on processing fees." "I wanted to feel free to choose my own school." This is what students said about refusing to use a study abroad agent and completing the application process themselves. In fact, there are many who say, "I'm worried about applying myself". However, the application process is actually quite simple. Here are more comments from students who successfully applied with the help of ApplyESL

ApplyESL, a Trustworthy Source for English Study, Provides Access to the Best Accredited Schools!

Hsin Wen Lee (Taiwan)

University of Tennessee at Knoxville, ELI
My sister, who lives in the United States, recommended ApplyESL to me. I found that the schools listed at ApplyESL were carefully chosen based on their excellent reputation and the support they provide students. ApplyESL is a member of EnglishUSA and was started in 2002. This was one of the reasons I decided to use ApplyESL. ApplyESL has many school choices and is easy to navigate. I completed my online application within 30 minutes and the communication with my school included only 5 email exchanges. I received my I-20 (Letter of Acceptance) in no time. Who says you cannot apply to ESL programs easily? I did it! I encourage others to use ApplyESL. You decide which school is best for you and since your application is sent directly, you save money and pay no expensive agent fees.

Advice from ApplyESL Helped Me Communicate Effectively with My School!

Sunyoung Shin (Korea)

University of Texas at Arlington, ELI
Before going to graduate school, I had some time so I decided to try and improve my English. I didn’t have any idea what to do when I found ApplyESL through the university’s website. However once I completed the application online, the rest of the process was easy with ApplyESL’s step-by-step instructions and the help I received from the school. When I had questions I contacted ApplyESL. The Korean representative was particularly helpful from the beginning. During the process, ApplyESL sent me a list of sample letters which assisted me and I learned a lot about how to communicate with my school in English. Thank you ApplyESL!

Everything Was Explained in Spanish Which Helped Me Complete My Application.

Hernani Salazar (Dominican Republic)

Georgetown University, ELC
After finishing university in my home country, the Dominican Republic, I became interested in improving my English. Searching Google, I found ApplyESL which listed the English Language Center (ELC) at Georgetown University. The information at ApplyESL was detailed, which made it easier for me to make my decision to study there. Georgetown’s reputation also helped me decide. In fact, to be completely honest, by using ApplyESL, I realized I didn’t need to contact a study abroad agent. Everything was perfectly explained in Spanish and it was easy for me to complete my application one step at a time.

Communicating Directly with The School Saved Me a Lot of Time and Money!

Yuri Nagasawa (Japan)

California State University, East Bay, ALP
Choosing the American Language Program (ALP) at California State University, East Bay through ApplyESL was the best decision I ever made. Searching for schools while living in Japan was not easy, but ApplyESL really helped make my search and the entire process easier because the website is very user-friendly. After I applied through ApplyESL, I was able to communicate directly with the school so it saved me a lot of time and money. I originally planned to study in the United States for 6 months, but I loved my school and I met a lot of great teachers so I decided to do my master’s degree here, and believe it or not, in the end, I got a job at CSU, East Bay! Now I am working as a program coordinator. I would absolutely recommend students use ApplyESL to find the school of their dreams!

Received Great Help from ApplyESL’s Chinese Staff, Rely on Yourself and ApplyESL!

Xiaoyu He / Parent of Student (China)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension, ALC
My daughter, who was in college, told me that she had 3 months available in the summer and she wanted to study English abroad. I decided to help her apply to UCLA’s American Language Center (ALC). My English was poor, but when I found out that the ApplyESL website was in other languages, including Chinese, I was very relieved. After considering different options, I decided to use ApplyESL and sent the online application to ALC. Everything went smoothly and I heard back from the school immediately. Although all the communication with the school was in English, when I had questions, I was able to contact ApplyESL. The ApplyESL team put me in contact with their Chinese representative, who explained everything and offered me some tips about the visa application. Within a week, we received the I-20 (Letter of Acceptance) from the school. I was very surprised at how easy the whole process was. Now my daughter is happily studying at UCLA! We hope that more and more Chinese students will take advantage of ApplyESL’s services and avoid paying expensive agent fees.

ApplyESL’s Student Reviews Helped Me Choose My School. No Need for Study Abroad Agents, Apply On Your Own!

Chung-Hao Chen (Taiwan)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IEI
ApplyESL is organized and easy to understand. There are over 200 schools to choose from and many types of schools as well. You can find universities with ESL programs and private English schools as well. The school search function allows you to find programs based on the type of course, the tuition cost, and location. You can also see videos introducing each school. I chose my school after reading the student reviews based on actual student experiences. In this way, I was able to get a good sense of my school and the living environment. With this information, I knew what to expect and was better able to prepare. I found it more helpful than visiting a more traditional study abroad agent in my country where they only recommend the schools they want to promote. I liked the fact that by using ApplyESL, I was able to be more involved in the entire study abroad experience. It was a good start to my journey!