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ESL Glossary


Meal Plan

A service usually provided by a school or home stay family where a number of meals per week is provided for a student over an extended period of time in exchange for a one time fee. Plans vary in the number of meals included per week with the maximum being 21 (3 meals per day).

Mid-Term Examination

An examination that is taken at the middle of each academic semester at a college/university. It usually covers most of the material studied from the beginning of that semester until the present.

Medical Insurance

Also called, "health insurance," this is a system where money paid in small increments each month to an insurance provider accumulates and is used to help reduce the cost of medical treatment when it becomes necessary. Some schools provide their students with insurance while others do not. Students should definitely be covered by an insurance plan, regardless of who is the insurance provider. It is best to research and find the most affordable insurance provider for you.


The consortium of schools teaching English as a Foreign Language in Ireland. The organization is a merger between two previously separate bodies: Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) and the Recognized English Language Schools Association (RELSA). The member schools of MEI-RELSA are all recognized by the Irish Department of Education as Schools teaching English as a foreign language, and meeting the quality requirements of this body in relation to teachers, courses, and school premises.

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