Study Abroad Platform for International Students

ESL Glossary


EA (English Australia)

English Australia (EA) is a consortium of Australian schools that host Intensive English Programs for International Students. EA's member schools are committed to providing high quality English language instruction at competitive prices in a productive study environment. EA, formerly known as "ELICOS," actively promotes Australia as an appealing destination for study abroad.

Elective Course

A course that is not required but is chosen by the student. For example, there are Elective Courses that focus on academic improvement (such as, Conversation Course, TOEFL Preparation Course, and Business English) as well as non-academic courses (such as Horse Riding, Skiing, and Sightseeing).


A governmental office that is located outside of the country to which it belongs. Students can complete necessary visa applications at the local embassy of your destination country. Also, your home country's embassies that are found overseas can be a good source of assistance regarding visa issues.


Completing all admissions procedures and formally attending a school as a student. Enrollment can also refer to the number of students currently attending a school at a specific time.

Enrollment Fee

The fee charged for processing an application for enrollment. It is also referred to as "Application Fee." (See "Application Fee").


English as a Second Language.


Short trips organized by an ESL school for its students. Excursions are a fun way of introducing the host country's culture and expanding the educational experience outside of the classroom. Although the cost of excursions depends upon the school, all schools offer a discount to students.