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ApplyESL! is a School Search and Application platform for students interested in study abroad. We assist students who want to achieve their personal goals through the study abroad experience.

Regardless of your English level, applying is easier when you understand the process, step-by-step. Now you can apply without the assistance of a placement agency. Beginning with the preparation of your application, you can also understand one of the keys to studying abroad; ‘Do-It-Yourself’. ApplyESL was founded on the idea that with the right support, students can grow from the moment they decide to study abroad.

Why Study Abroad with ApplyESL?
7 Reasons

High-Quality, Accredited English Language Programs provides information about over 200 schools in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. All schools represented at are accredited to insure strict standards are met for students. Schools are also members of educational organizations that support high standards for intensive English programs. Students can apply to programs at well-known institutions such as Columbia University, New York University, Georgetown University, UCLA, Boston University and many others. is an Associate Member of EnglishUSA (The American Association of Intensive English Programs).


No Processing Fees

Avoid the additional costs of placement agencies that charge you to prepare the application. provides a convenient credit card system to pay the school’s application fee online, but you pay absolutely nothing to choose your school and use our system to apply.


A ‘One-Stop’ Source for All Your Study Abroad Needs!

Find all of the information you need, explained simply in multiple languages. From school and course information to your direct online application to the school, is the only source you’ll need to begin your study abroad journey.


Secure and Fast Processing with ApplyESL Assistance

Simple Explanations and Multilingual Application Options.

Once you send your online application to the school, your journey begins. provides students with the information they need to communicate with the school. Students can relax knowing that they can contact an Advisor at any time to receive assistance. ApplyESL also educates students by providing reference materials including sample correspondence and a detailed explanation of documents required by the school.


From a Short-Term Vacation to Advanced Academic Pathways

Find the Program Perfect for You!

ApplyESL offers over 500 programs that you can choose from to fit into your study abroad plan. You can apply for Part-Time English plus activities, Business English, a University-Track Pathway program or a program offering conditional admission. Whether your goal is to improve your English skills during summer vacation or to enter an undergraduate or graduate school, ApplyESL has the right program for you.


Study Abroad Tools You Can Use

ApplyESL provides important information to help find the best school. Students can use our school search engine to find schools, read school reviews that provide helpful feedback about programs, compare different programs, review application rankings and watch school videos. ApplyESL helps students understand better what the study abroad experience is like. In addition, you can save your favorite schools, compare and think about them, allowing more time to decide where you want to study.


20,000 Students from 100 Different Countries

More than 20,000 applicants have used ApplyESL to assist them in realizing their study abroad dreams. Our system has been used in over 100 countries and our website is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Our online application is also translated into additional languages including Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Simpler and Faster with ApplyESL
Online applications
  • STEP1 Apply Online to School
  • STEP2 Contacted by School
  • STEP3 Send Documents to School
  • STEP4 Receive Acceptance Letter
  • STEP5 Apply For Your Visa and Get Ready
  • STEP1 Document Request and Counseling
  • STEP2 Application Prepared by Counselor
  • STEP3 Discuss Process with Counselor
  • STEP4 Documents Sent to School by Counselor
  • STEP5 Application Sent by Counselor for Student
  • STEP6 Additional Documents Sent by Counselor
  • STEP7 Acceptance Letter Sent to Counselor
  • STEP8 Student Waits for Counselor’s Response
  • STEP9 Apply For Your Visa and Get Ready
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With an ApplyESL account, you can use many important features. Creating an account is FREE and will help you better choose your school, apply and understand the enrollment process!

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