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ESL Glossary


Savings Account

An account that draws interest at a bank.

Semester, Trimester, Quarter, Term

Colleges and universities divide the academic year in different ways. The most common division is two semesters (fall and spring). Institutions using the trimester system add a winter term. Under the quarter system, a forth summer term is added.

Statement of Purpose

A short essay that is sometimes required as a part of a study abroad application. This essay contains the reasons why that person wants to study abroad and how the study abroad experience will affect that person's future personal and academic goals.

Student ID (Identification) Card

A card made for students by their host school which recognizes that person as being an officially enrolled student and member of the school community. This ID card usually has the student's photograph and is created before classes begin.

Study Abroad Agent

A profit-driven business that provides students with application procedure assistance when applying to overseas educational institutions. This assistance is provided in exchange for an "Agent Fee."

Study Skills

Those techniques and abilities that are necessary in order to succeed when studying at a college or university (for example, efficient note taking, presentation delivery skills, speech making skills, how to use the library, etc.)


A schedule of what is to be studied in a course. Usually, the "Syllabus" is given to students at the beginning of a course and contains the dates of examinations as well as the teacher's contact information.