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Working Overseas

Immigration and Employment Regulations

Your student advisor will be your main source of information regarding decisions such as changes in your course of study, transfers to other schools, travel outside the country, and employment. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the regulations outlined in your visa and by the school. Consult with your foreign student advisor whenever you are in doubt and get good advice. If you would like to ask your school a question by email or send a letter about your working options, refer to our Resource Library.

- It is your responsibility to know the immigration regulations that affect you. Consult your student advisor whenever you are in doubt.
- People overseas sometimes take the law very seriously. You can get into legal problems if you try to bend the rules.
- Many foreign students want to work while studying overseas, but the rules are strict regarding employment so be sure that you are abiding by those guidelines of your visa and your school.