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5 Steps to Study Abroad Success

Step 4 Finance

Managing Your Money

Shop Around

Refrain from making major purchases until you have become familiar with the rate of exchange between your country's currency and the foreign currency. Even once you have mastered the exchange rate, defer all but essential purchases until you have had a chance to "shop around" for the best prices. In all but the most isolated locations, you will find a large selection of goods and tremendous variations in price.

- Check prices at several locations before you buy.
- Unless good service is very important to you, shop at discount stores rather than department stores.
- Wait for items to go "on sale"-watch for sale advertisements in the newspaper, in store windows, and on television.
- Talk with friends about where to shop.
- Be aware that the "sales tax" on an item is not included in the displayed price.
- Find out where you can get a student discount, such as at museums, theaters, and art galleries.
- Find less expensive ways to obtain textbooks: buy from stores that sell used books or from students who have already taken the courses in which you are enrolled.