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5 Steps to Study Abroad Success

Step 2 Prepare

Find the Right School and Program

General Questions about English Courses and Classes

- What kind of course is it? General Conversational English, Business English, Academic English, Exam Preparation, other?
- Is the course divided into many different difficulty levels to offer an appropriate academic challenge to every student?
- Is the school accredited by any educational organizations?
- What education and degrees are required of the teachers? Do they have their Masters, TEFL, or RSA Certificate for teaching English?
- Are all the teachers native speakers of English? American or British English?
- How many students are in each class? Is there a maximum class size?
- Does class size vary greatly according to season? For example, how much larger are classes during the popular summer months?
- How many different nationalities are represented in the program?
- Is there a limit to how many students from one nationality or foreign language can be in a single class?