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5 Steps to Study Abroad Success

Step 2 Prepare

Find the Right School and Program

Your Personal Goals and Priorities

Consider the following list of questions when choosing an English Language Program:
- How serious about improving your English are you? Is it your main goal, or is it secondary to having a good time on your trip, seeing new things, and meeting new people?
- How many hours a day do you want to spend in the classroom?
- How much time each night do you want to spend doing homework?
- Do you want to be tested?
- Would you spend more money on a course to guarantee more individual attention and a higher standard of teaching ?
- Is the knowledge that you will gain during your studies overseas readily transferable to work situations in your home country?
- Will the technological expertise you acquire overseas be of use at home?
- What English skills do you most want to improve:
(a) Casual conversational skills or formal (academic or business) English knowledge?
(b) Reading and writing abilities or speaking and listening skills?

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