[UPDATED: August 12, 2021] Please note that due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) related travel restrictions and vaccine requirements, study abroad options may be affected. Many programs are open for in-person instruction, however, ApplyESL recommends contacting schools of interest to check status, and local embassies or consulates, to obtain information regarding visa services currently available.
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If I am issued two I-20 forms for different programs in the United States, which I-20 form do I need to submit to the American Embassy or Consulate to begin processing my student visa?

If you are planning, for example, to enroll at a university after you first complete an ESL program, you might be issued two separate I-20 forms. When you visit the American Embassy or Consulate to begin processing your student visa, you must submit the I-20 form for the program that you will attend first, so in this case you would submit the I-20 issued to you from the ESL program only. If you possess the university degree program's acceptance letter, be sure to present this so the visa official is aware of your plan to continue your studies beyond your initial ESL course.

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