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5 Steps to Study Abroad Success

Step 5 Get Ready

Adapting to New Surroundings

Will I Lose My Own Culture?

Sometimes students worry about losing their culture if they become too well adapted to the host culture. Don't worry: it is virtually impossible to lose the culture in which you were raised. In fact, learning about the new culture often increases your appreciation for and understanding of your own culture. Don't resist the opportunity to become bicultural, able to function competently in two cultural environments.

Just as culture shock derives from the accumulation of cultural clashes, so an accumulation of small successes can lead to more effective interactions within the new culture. As you increase your abilities to manage and understand the new social system, practices that recently seemed so strange will become less puzzling. Eventually you will sufficiently adapt to the host culture and become comfortable with both your academic and social life. You will be able to relax and fully enjoy the study abroad experience. You will also improve your sense of humor!

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