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Student Health

Health Insurance

Most international students are relatively young and have been healthy for most of their lives. They often believe that they will remain healthy and will not need medical care while they are in school. But some students do have serious illnesses and accidents that require expensive medical care.

It is best for students to have insurance that provides coverage from the very first day of their study abroad experience until final departure. Medical insurance coverage is required by all schools welcoming students in most countries so be sure that you have coverage that is accepted by your school prior to departing your home country. Not possessing medical insurance upon arrival can lead to you not being able to attend class.
Keep in mind that the cost, administration and payment for health services in foreign countries could be vastly different than your own so be sure you have the right plan for peace of mind.

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Remember that Dental Care is not included under most International Overseas Insurance plans. Therefore, it is in your best interest to visit your Dentist and receive a full examination and necessary treatment before you travel abroad.

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