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How to Apply Online

Most Commonly Requested Documents by ESL Schools

Application Form
You will be asked to submit your Personal Information, Program Type, Housing Options, and required Visa Information (if necessary).

Application Fee
Most programs require that you send in an application fee with your application. Application process will not be completed without payment of this application fee.

Health Report
After sending your application to the school, you will be asked to provide an official health report from by your local doctor.

Health Insurance
Some ESL schools require that you have proof of health insurance after they have received your application. This may be health insurance from your own country that provides coverage overseas or an agreement to apply for health insurance once you have arrived abroad.

Source(s) of Income / Bank Statement
List your sources of income and your available income. You will also be asked to show proof of this income and ability to pay for your schooling as one of the application processes.

Housing Options
After you request the information of housing along with your application, the school will provide you with more detailed information about housing options. Select your ideal housing options and report it to the school.

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