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5 Steps to Study Abroad Success

Step 1 Research

What is Next After ESL Study?

What are Your Goals ?

Studying at an ESL school overseas should not only be the realization of your dream, but an important first step in reaching your future goals. In addition to the language skills you acquire, what you learn while studying abroad about yourself and your host country will stay with you and can be used in the future. After completing studies at an ESL school, many students pursue higher education, either in their home country or abroad to gain more experiences that will help them achieve their professional and personal goals. Those goals may include professional advancement, a higher paying job, or simply a greater appreciation and knowledge of the world.

Here are some questions that will assist you in defining your educational and professional goals:

- Am I willing to spend the time necessary for higher education?

- Is there a need for my chosen profession in my home country?

- Will I earn enough in this profession to justify the investment?

- Will my overseas educational credentials be recognized at home by institutions of higher education, professional licensing boards, and potential employers when I return?

- Will spending time abroad cause me to miss important opportunities at home?

- Is the knowledge I will gain during my study overseas readily transferable to situations in my home country?

- Will the technological expertise I acquire overseas be of use at home?

- Is the further training or education I need available at home?