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Types of ESL Schools

Private Language School (At University Campus or City Center)

You can find Intensive English Programs (IEP) provided by private schools on the main campus of a university or in the center of a major city. This type of IEP is most suitable for students who will stay for comparatively shorter periods of time or wish to have free time to explore the host country in addition to English language study. IEPs in this category are more diversified than the University based IEPs. Schools vary in size, location, student-teacher ratio, classroom hours per week, and available facilities. For those students who wish to experience life in a foreign country while generally improving all aspects of their language skills, the General English Course would be an excellent option.

Characteristics of IEPs at Private English Schools
Similar to the University IEPs, students are divided according to proficiency level based on the results of a placement exam. Other courses, such as Business English or Test Preparation English (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.) are also readily available. Another attractive feature of this type of IEP is the numerous opportunities to enroll. Students may choose from various terms of study, starting dates and courses. Those students who only have a limited amount of time available and wish to spend it abroad studying English will find this type of IEP to be very accommodating.

Location is another area where you can select a school that meets your specific needs. For example, in a city location, although you will not have access to the same facilities that are offered on the campus of a university, you will have ample opportunity to make use of the convenient public transportation and explore the surrounding area. Private IEPs each have their own distinct characteristics allowing students the freedom to select the school that best meets their needs and preferences.