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List of Necessary Documents for Schools

Bank Statements

A financial statement is an official document issued by a bank which proves there are sufficient funds in a bank account to pay for a school's tuition expenses and all living costs while enrolled in their program.

The amount of money needed to be guaranteed on applicants’ financial statements varies both by school and by course therefore it is very important applicants pay careful attention to their school’s requests and follow the instructions carefully.

Applicants’ financial statements must be issued in English from their bank. Applicants must bear in mind, then, the bank’s English translation of a financial statement can take up to 1 week and an additional fee may be charged.

If applicants are providing a financial statement other than their own to the school’s admissions office, applicants must additionally submit a letter from their sponsor, bearing the sponsor’s original signature. It is important applicants send their sponsor letter and information along with the additional documentation required by the school’s admissions office in order to be admitted into the ESL program. Furthermore, depending on the relationship between an applicant’s home country and the destination country, a financial statement may be necessary when applying for a visa.

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