Please note that due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, many institutions have suspended on-campus instruction and are holding classes online until further notice. Due to increased travel restrictions, reduced visa services and public health quarantines, study abroad options may be affected. ApplyESL recommends contacting your program of interest and local embassy or consulate to obtain the latest updates.
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List of Necessary Documents for Schools

Applicant’s Signature on School’s Forms

As part of the application process, schools from around the world may require its applicants to sign and submit additional forms bearing the applicants’ signatures for security or legal purposes. If applicants have sponsors to finance their tuition and living expenses while studying abroad, they are also required to have their sponsors sign and submit forms for security measures.

To complete the application process, applicants may be required to submit copies of their passport identification page, as well, displaying both their picture and official signature. It is essential the signature displayed in the applicant’s passport be identical to the signatures used on all documentation submitted to schools.

During the application process, each school has their own set of requirements in order to grant applicants admission into their program. Some schools may request of its applicants to submit additional personal information not included on the application form for internal purposes. It is necessary that applicants follow their school’s specific instructions carefully and thoroughly in order to be admitted into the program.

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