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School Transfer

I am already studying at a school in the United States and I want to transfer to another school. What do I need to do to transfer? Please advise me. Thank you! Tatiana


Dear Tatiana,

If you are planning on transferring to a new ESL program, first, make sure that you are in status at your current school. Go to the admissions or student services representative and make sure that you are able to transfer your status to a new program. Most importantly, you have to make sure your I-20 is up to date and that your current school will be able to transfer it to your new school. Once you have done this, you can apply to your new school and let them know that you are already in the United States and will not need a NEW I-20 form. Once you are accepted and have arrived at your new school, your old school should have been able to transfer your status to your new school. Transfer students are always welcome at!

Chris Advisor