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Applying for Degree Program

I'm a student from Taiwan and I am planning to study abroad in America at university. What should I do at the ApplyESL website for apply? I only want to apply for four years university, not for English study. Help me. Yi-Ching


Dear Yi-Ching,

If you want to apply for a degree at the university, you need to do that directly through the school. However, if you think you may not meet the English requirements for your school, you can take an English course until you meet the requirements and then apply directly to the university while you are there. Many schools now offer ‘Pathway’ programs which are specifically for students who have the intent to take a degree program. In some cases, students may even be able to gain university credit towards their degree in these programs. To find these programs, use the ‘School Search’ engine at and search for ‘College Preparation/University Pathway’ under ‘Type of Course’.

Chris Advisor

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