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about visa

i ask some freinds who try your programe .but they told me that i risk by loosing my mony.because the uk visa is very defficult and complecate for algerian and the school will not send your mony back.i will be happy if you can help me with that by giving me some information about visa and fees.note that i am a student in university master 1 in educational and physical sports and i want to prepare for IELTES specialy the speaking part.for 20to 40 days between august and september before our returne to university on october.


Greetings from!

Thank you for your question and interest in ESL programs!
My advice to you is to do research first before you decide to apply.
You can learn more about programs through and by going
to the website for each individual school you are interested in.

It is true that if you apply to a school with a non-refundable application fee
that you may lose that fee if you are unable to enroll, however, there are plenty of
programs that do not charge an application fee.

Furthermore, you may need to pay the school a deposit, but if you do not receive
your student visa, you usually can be eligible for a refund of any tuition fees paid ahead of time.

Feel free to contact us directly at for more questions.

Chris Study Advisor