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Kanokwan Pradabmuk

How can I apply to the University of Maryland

Is it possible to apply to the University of Maryland? How should I prepare while studying English course within 21 weeks. Which document that you will require like SOP, recomment letter, etc. I've just gradulated from Thammasat University in major of Management Technology but my GPA is only 2.36. Do you need GMAT, toefl, IELTS? I'm really interesting to study master in MBA.


Greetings from!

Thank you for your question.
We have received your application to the University of Maryland (MEI).
Your application has been forwarded and the admission staff has been contacted.
You should hear from the admissions coordinator shortly with instructions.
Follow the instructions which you receive.

You do not need standardized test scores in order to study at MEI.
Once you complete the course you will be in a better position to do your MBA!

Thank you!

Chris Study Advisor

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