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ApplyESL or Other Agent?

Hi, I found through a school search and I’m ready to apply, but I talked to my friend and the process seems too difficult for me. Would it be better for me to use an agent in my country? From Rafael


Dear Rafael,

Submitting your initial application to the school with is a fairly simple process that you should be able to complete quickly. However, keep in mind that studying abroad is a big undertaking and in order to complete all of the requirements of the school you will need to provide additional documents and communicate with school officials. In some cases, the process may be a bit overwhelming and you may require assistance. We welcome your questions and our team will always do our best to help you. If you still feel that you cannot complete the process on your own, you may want to consult with someone in your country that can help you. For most of the students that use, they are able to complete the process and enroll on their own.

Chris Study Abroad Counselor