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Green Card Holder from Vietnam

Dear ApplyESL!
I have green card, I come from Vietnam, i want to join an ESL course so can improve my English, i graduated from university in Vietnam but my English is not good,
- I want to ask which course is right for me? I have learned to improve my English and my plan to study for a Masters degree in economics.
- I want to ask about tuition fees for green card holders like me?
- My work schedule is like mine?

Thanks and Best Regard


Greetings from ApplyESL!

Thank you for creating your account!
Since you already have a green card, you should be able to
enroll fairly easily in an ESL program. You may want to consider
a program that is already at a university where you could apply for
an economics degree. ESL tuition fees are usually the same
regardless of your visa status.

If you would like information about specific programs,
send us an email at and tell
us about any geographical preferences you may have.

We look forward to processing your application!

ApplyESL Student Advisor

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