[UPDATED: August 12, 2021] Please note that due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) related travel restrictions and vaccine requirements, study abroad options may be affected. Many programs are open for in-person instruction, however, ApplyESL recommends contacting schools of interest to check status, and local embassies or consulates, to obtain information regarding visa services currently available.
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The Cost

Hello .....I have two questions....the first can i find the school(to improve my English Language because I prepare to study the master in law in English language )..... in Sacramento California or near that.

the second question the coast for each course and the date of began


Greetings from ApplyESL.com!

Thank you for registering and for sending your question.
Yes, there are many programs that you could consider applying
to near Sacramento. Using our school search engine, I recommend first
you search on California to come up with a complete list of potential study destinations.
You should consider carefully when you are planning to begin your master's course.

Feel free to send an email to applyesl@discointer.com if you have additional questions.

ApplyESL.com Student Advisor