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California State University (CSU), Los Angeles

English Language Program (ELP) [Los Angeles, California]


  • Intensive English training in an exciting setting at a comprehensive university
  • Enjoy access to a full range of university facilities and services and recreational activities in beautiful sunny California
  • Live in the Los Angeles, “The City of Angels”, the second largest city in the United States and the center of the American film industry

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  • Information
    • About the ESL Program
    • Established in 1978, the English Language Program (ELP) is part of the College of Extended Studies and International Programs at California State University, Los Angeles and offers intensive English as a Second Language instruction in the dynamic setting of a comprehensive urban university. The program is designed to improve the language skills of English language learners from throughout the world and to assist students with their entrance into an advanced degree program at California State University, Los Angeles or other colleges and universities. Classes are offered throughout the year in 10-week quarters, with instruction taking place in the university classroom of the main Cal State L.A. campus. The mission of the ELP is to equip international students to pursue their dreams of American higher education. All ELP students enjoy access to the full range of university facilities and services, including use of the university library, free campus e-mail, travel and recreational activities, athletic resources such as the university’s pool, track and gymnasium and on-campus performing arts complexes. The ELP can help students make the transition to some of the outstanding liberal arts and sciences degree programs offered by CSU, Los Angeles including their leading undergraduate business programs and a nationally ranked MBA program.
    • DATA
    • Type : Public University
      Establishment : 1978
      Membership/Accreditation : WASC
      Enrollment : 100
      Average Class Size : 15
      Student Adviser : Available
      Airport Pickup : Available from School
      Internet Access : Available On-Campus
      Tuition : Low
      Activities : Frequently Available
      Location : Urban
      Transportation : Train, bus, taxi
    • A Message from School
    • The mission of the English Language Program (ELP) is to develop the English language skills of students whose native language is not English and to prepare them for entrance and success at the college and university level. The ELP accomplishes this by providing affordable instruction in a non-credit, intensive, multi-skills academic program specifically designed to prepare students to succeed in the English-medium, college or university credit classroom. The curriculum of the program includes instruction in grammar, writing, reading, listening, speaking, and academic preparation. There are six pre-academic proficiency levels, with level 1 as the entry level and level 6 as the highest level. We look forward to receiving your application from ApplyESL.com!
      Dr. Valerie Pierce, Director
      English Language Program (ELP)
      California State University, Los Angeles
    • California State University, Los Angeles
      College of Extended Studies and International Programs
      English Language Program

      5151 State University Drive, GE 217
      Los Angeles, California  90032-8619  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (323) 343-4840
      FAX: +1 (323) 343-4843
      E-mail: elpinfo@calstatela.edu
      Website: http://www.calstatela.edu/elp
  • More Details
    • Student Countries of Origin
    • ELP welcomes students from over 50 countries from around the world including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil to name a few.
    • Faculty Qualifications
    • The instructors are trained, fully-certified professionals. Many instructors have lived and traveled abroad and have extensive experience teaching English to students from around the world. The personal and academic qualities of the instructors make each uniquely qualified to offer meaningful language-learning opportunities and to care deeply about their students.
    • Housing
    • The school provides students with the opportunity to live in on-campus dormitories, or enjoy a homestay experience. Students living on-campus will be close to classes, campus activities and other students. The school also arranges homestays for those students who want to experience local culture first-hand as a member of a family and practice their conversational English. Students are encouraged to make their housing arrangements as early as possible due to the limited amount of space available. Private off-campus apartments are also available; however students must make their own arrangements. For more information, use the Contact Address to ask the school directly.
    • Surrounding Area
    • The CSU, Los Angeles campus is located near the heart of downtown Los Angeles and is close to many famous cultural, historic and recreational sites. Not only is the campus minutes by bus from the Santa Monica and Venice beaches, it also has easy access to hiking and biking trails in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains. Besides being the center of the American film industry, Los Angeles – the second-largest city in the United States nicknamed the “City of Angels” – has fantastic theater, music and concert venues – including the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, more world-class museums than any other city in the United States, first-rate shopping and exciting amusement parks and outdoor recreation opportunities. Los Angeles is home to people from more than 140 countries who speak over 224 different languages. The city has many colorful well-known neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Koreatown, Thai Town, Little Ethiopia, Filipino-town and Little Armenia, demonstrating the diverse cultural character that Los Angeles is known for. Sports fans will appreciate that Los Angeles is home to a wide-range of professional sports teams, including the L.A. Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Baseball); the L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers and the L.A. Sparks (Basketball); the L.A. Kings and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (Hockey); and the L.A. Galaxy and C.D. Chivas USA (Soccer). Public transportation is convenient throughout the city with buses, subways and trains available to transport you to well-known destinations such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, not to mention sunny San Diego and stunning Santa Barbara. For weekend excursions, residents often drive and visit famous Las Vegas, picturesque San Francisco and the majestic Grand Canyon or go skiing in Big Bear or Mammoth Lakes.
    • About the College/University
    • Established in 1947, California State University, Los Angeles is a public comprehensive university and part of the California State University (CSU) system. The campus is located in the eastern region of Los Angeles, California in the University Hills district, facing the San Gabriel Mountains with beautiful views of the mountains to the north, the San Gabriel Valley to the east, metropolitan Los Angeles to the west and Catalina Island to the south. The university’s convenient location provides students with easy access to popular mountain and desert resort areas as well as the famous beaches of Southern California in Santa Monica, Venice and Laguna, less than an hour away. CSU, Los Angeles serves approximately 21,000 students, mostly from the greater Los Angeles area. The school is organized into six colleges that have 50 academic departments and divisions offering a variety of majors. These six colleges offer nationally recognized programs in science, arts, business, criminal justice, engineering, nursing, education and the humanities. CSU, Los Angeles’ undergraduate business and engineering programs have repeatedly been ranked as some of the best in the United States and the School of Nursing is considered to be one of the best in the state of California. Located close to the Hollywood film industry, the school’s Television, Film and Media Studies Program is one of the best film schools in the CSU system. With a diverse student body, relatively low tuition fees within the CSU system, and an exciting and well-known location, the university has much many opportunities to offer international students.
    • Conditional Admission / Credit Courses
    • Level 7 of ELP, also known as University Bridge, is a special learning level consisting of 4 language classes in the ELP and one elective course that may be taken for university credit through the school’s Open University program. Conditional Admission to the university is available for qualified students who complete the ESL program.
  • Courses
    • English Language Program

    • About This Course
    • The English Language Program (ELP) offers four 10-week quarter sessions throughout each academic year. Students can choose to begin their classes either in the fall, winter, spring or summer. Class instruction includes 24 hours of core classes offered 5 days a week at six levels from beginning to advanced. Students receive a Certificate of Participation and a grade report at the end of each quarter.

      Upon arrival at ELP, students will take a placement test to assure proper class placement. The test includes a written test of listening comprehension, grammar and reading and is followed by a one-on-one interview with an ELP teacher who will evaluate the student’s speaking skills and place the student into one of the six proficiency levels

      The ELP curriculum is primarily designed to academically prepare students who plan to enter an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Students receive instruction that focuses on the language areas of: Reading and Writing; Structure (Grammar); Speaking; Listening and Pronunciation. Elective classes are offered in preparation for the TOEFL exam with a free practice TOEFL exam given and graded each quarter. Also, students have use of the comprehensive computer labs of the university to allow them additional practice and support outside of the classroom.

      Class sizes average 15 students per class. Every effort is made to keep classes at an ideal size for effective English language instruction.
    • Course Data
    • CLASS SIZE: 15 Students
      CLASS LEVELS: 6 Levels
      COURSE LENGTH: 6,10,16 Weeks
      MINIMUM AGE: 18 Years Old
      VISA INFORMATION: I-20 issued upon request
      HOUSING: Homestay
      Dormitory/On-Campus Residence
    • Dates
    • 2019
      8 WEEKS:
      3/18 - 5/17

    • Fees
      US$ 150
      TUITION FEE (2019)
      8 WEEKS US$ 2,918
      16 WEEKS US$ 5,486
      US$ 40
      10 WEEKS US$ 1,875 US$ 1,637 N/A
      20 WEEKS US$ 3,750 US$ 3,274 N/A
      30 WEEKS US$ 5,625 US$ 4,911 N/A
      Airport Pickup Service
      See Map for Additional Information
    • Remarks / Other Information
    • Dates and fees are approximate and may change without prior notice
      Application fee is non-refundable
      Homestay fees include meals
  • Location
    • United States Los Angeles, California
    • Location
      California State University, Los Angeles
      College of Extended Studies and International Programs
      English Language Program

      5151 State University Drive, GE 217 Los Angeles, California  90032-8619  U.S.A.
    • Getting To Your School
    • From Los Angeles International Airport:
      The cost of airport transportation is not included with the ELP programs fees, and it is the student's responsibility to arrange their transportation from the airport to the campus. There are three major shuttle services which provide airport pick-up and transfer services from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX):
      Super Shuttle
      Primetime Shuttle
      LAX FlyAway
  • Student Reviews
    • Academic Quality: 4.0
      School Environment: 3.5
      Helpfulness of Staff: 4.5
      Activities and Social Life: 3.0
      Accommodation: 4.0


    • There are 2 reviews for this school

    • Chen
      [ Beijing, China, Age 30, Male ]  2012/12/7
      27 of 34 people found the following review helpful.
      This is a Good University!
      I studied at Cal State LA for 3 quarters, I just came back home from the graduation ceremony. I want to talk about three aspects of this school.

      1. Teachers and quality of programs. Teachers at the school are excellent.

      2. Students: The program has students from a variety of countries including Saudi Arabia, China and Korea.

      3. Classes:There were between 15-18 students in my class. Grammar and writing classes were on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Reading class was on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Speaking and Listening classes were on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the TOEFL class was on Friday morning

      3. Tuition: $2805 tuition and $200 material fee, plus about $150-$200 insurance for a quarter (10 weeks). I think it is one of the best valued ESL Programs at a university in Los Angeles.

      If you come here to learn English, I guarantee you will learn what you want to learn.
      Was this review helpful to you? Yes  No 

    • Below you will find additional reviews in other languages.
    • ApplyESL claims no responsibility for errors in, or the quality of, machine translations provided by Google Translate.

      [ shanghai, china, Age 26, Female ]  2014/6/13
      6 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
      2. 师资:我的在学期间,师资力量只能说参差不齐。所有老师都非常nice,但不是所有老师都是优秀的教学人员。我的第一期课程的所有老师都很棒,语法解释详尽(Joseph),听说教学也很有方法(Alex),但到了第二期就非常不幸的遇到了一些不那么会教学的老师,所以在这所学校学习收获多少还有运气成分。
      3. 学生:学生比例沙特阿拉伯和中国学生最多,也有不少别国的学生。虽然有些学生不那么认真,但大家都非常有趣,所以总的相处过程还是比较愉快,且可以了解不同文化。学生的年龄差距也比较大,在这里还是要鼓励大家多用英语交流。

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