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Certificate of Degree/Diploma

A certificate of degree or diploma are documents issued by an educational institution, such as a university, testifying the recipient has earned a degree or has successfully completed a particular course of study. In order to be admitted into their English program, applicants must submit the last original certificate of degree or diploma earned or an official document stating the anticipated date of graduation, accompanied with an English translation.

Applicants should allow their schools adequate time (2 to 3 weeks) to issue English translations of their individual certificate or diploma. If an applicant’s school cannot issue English translations of their diploma or certificate, the applicant must have the original documentation in their possession, write English translations, have their school sign the translated version and submit all original paperwork to the school that the applicant is applying to in order to continue with the application process.

A number of schools have different requirements in order to receive applicants’ original certificates or diplomas. Some schools require the certificates or diplomas be sent in sealed envelopes from the prior school directly. Applicants will receive specific instructions from their school’s program concerning the correct submission of their certificates or diplomas. It is necessary that applicants follow their school’s specific instructions carefully and thoroughly in order to be admitted into the program. Furthermore, depending on the relationship between an applicant’s home country and the destination country, a copy of the applicant’s certificate of degree or diploma may be necessary when applying for a visa.