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ApplyESL.com is the website for students who increasingly need to improve their language skills in order to achieve academic excellence and prepare for future careers. With improvements in Internet technology and increased global Internet use, study abroad information has become more accessible and it is now possible for students to realize their study abroad dreams on their own.

These days it is relatively easy to apply to become an ESL (English as a Second Language) student compared to applying for a degree program at a university or graduate school. Although most language schools have extensive program information listed on their own websites, not all of these schools provide students with the option to apply online. Furthermore, even those schools with online applications do not widely provide course information or the actual application in languages other than English. Thus, the problem remains that many students still complain that filling out an application is too difficult and they worry whether they can really complete the process on their own.

ApplyESL.com provides a safe and efficient alternative to existing applications through schools. Through our website, students can research schools in a variety of languages, find important information they need simply and apply to the school that best fits their needs. With easily accessible online applications, students can contact their school and enroll the fastest way possible. ApplyESL.com online applications are also a safer and less expensive alternative to existing application services provided by placement agencies who charge students for their services. By contacting the school and communicating with the admissions staff directly, students can start their study abroad experience with the application process and develop the necessary “can-do” spirit every good student must possess before they arrive at their school.

ApplyESL.com provides all the tools and support you will need to enroll at the school you choose. We provide students with the basic knowledge needed to apply, including information about the country you will study in, useful English terms you should know and sample letters which you can use to communicate with admissions staff. Your transition from applicant to student will be a smooth one as we also give you advice about the online application process, things you’ll need to do after you apply and answers to questions you might have.

ApplyESL.com has an extensive network of over 200 of the best English schools in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada for you to apply to. Included in this network are prestigious schools known around the world such as Columbia University, New York University, Georgetown University, UCLA and some of the best private language schools as well.

All information at ApplyESL.com is provided in five languages; English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. Currently, students apply from over 80 different countries around the world. With support in multiple languages and school and course descriptions which are easy to understand, there’s no stress involved in the application process. We welcome your application through ApplyESL.com!

Characteristics of the Free Online Application Services provided by ApplyESL.com
  1. With ApplyESL.com, you no longer need to deal with placement agencies. With our online applications, you need not pay expensive service fees to agents. Use of ApplyESL.com is completely free of charge. Even better, you can save time by paying the school’s required application fee by credit card directly when you submit your application.
  2. Compared to all the time it takes to fill out and send a paper-based application form from the school, ApplyESL.com’s online application is simple and fast! Easy to understand directions will guide you through the application step-by-step. ApplyESL.com checks for errors on your application and will inform you if something is not complete, saving you the time and embarrassment of having the school respond to your mistakes.
  3. Once you have submitted your online application to the school, ApplyESL.com sends you an E-mail to confirm your submission. When the school has received your application and begun the enrollment process, you will receive another E-mail to inform you when the application has been opened. Official school confirmation of your application is usually sent to the applicant within 72 hours of submission.
  4. After the enrollment process has begun, ApplyESL.com will also send you an E-mail explaining the process and what to expect. An explanation of the documents necessary to enroll, as well as sample letters are also sent to support you during the process.
DISCO International, Inc.

DISCO International, Inc., the North American subsidiary of Tokyo-based DISCO, Inc., was established in 1989 and has succeeded as a Human Resources firm specializing in Japanese-English bilingual recruitment for over 20 years. The North American operations manage the largest Japanese-English bilingual job fairs known as Boston Career Forum. Other fairs are held yearly in Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo where hiring companies can meet Japanese-English bilingual candidates. Throughout the years, over 100,000 job candidates and over 2000 companies have participated in these fairs. Since their inception, Career Forums have set the global standard in bilingual job recruitment.

In addition to Career Forum, DISCO International, Inc. runs CFN (CareerForum.net), the premier website for Japanese-English bilinguals. As the official website for Career Forum, CFN currently has over 90,000 registrants consisting of students and job seekers.

DISCO is an acronym for “Development of Information Services for Career Opportunities.” In addition to providing a wide range of information regarding bilingual job employment, DISCO International, Inc.’s assistance in international education through ApplyESL.com also provides an important role in bilingual human resource development.