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Portland English Language Academy (PELA)

Intensive English Program (IEP) [Portland, Oregon]


  • Students receive a lot of personal attention from teachers and office staff. They have many opportunities to practice their English inside and outside of class. Students are surprised by all that they receive at PELA even with affordable tuition.
  • Students have free access to conversation groups and a fully-staffed tutoring center.
  • PELA plans monthly school activities. In addition, students enjoy doing many fun things in Portland with their friends, including tax-free shopping.
  • Information
    • About the ESL Program
    • PELA offers unique Intensive English, Academic English, IELTS Preparation, and Youth English Camp programs. Students have a chance to perfect their writing, speaking & listening, reading and vocabulary, and grammar skills. Plus they can improve their test scores by taking IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC preparation classes. In addition to 20-25 hours per a week of classes, students have free access to conversation groups and the tutoring center for up to 10 hours per a week. PELA students have many chances to practice their English with Americans inside and outside of the classroom. Students learn quickly and they have a great time.
    • Fast Facts
    • Affiliation : Private English School
      Establishment : 1989
      Membership/Accreditation : EnglishUSA / CEA
      Enrollment : 110
      Average Class Size : 12
      Airport Pickup : Available from School
      Tuition : Low
      Community Type : Urban
      Transportation : Bus, Train, Taxi
    • A Message from School
    • Greetings from the Portland English Language Academy (PELA). We look forward to welcoming you to our school! Get ready for fun, effective classes. Get ready to reach a high level of English in a short amount of time. Get ready to meet friends from around the world. Get ready to live in beautiful, safe Portland, Oregon; a city with a friendly, laidback attitude and no sales tax!

      D'Arcy Owen
      Portland English Language Academy (PELA)
    • Portland English Language Academy (PELA)
      2007 Lloyd Center
      Portland, Oregon  97232  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (503) 226-1656
      FAX: +1 (503) 226-1656
  • More Details
    • Housing
    • PELA provides students with the opportunity to live in on-campus dormitories, or enjoy a homestay experience. Students living on-campus will be close to classes, campus activities and other students. The school also arranges homestays for those students who want to experience local culture first-hand as a member of a family and practice their conversational English. Students are encouraged to make their housing arrangements as early as possible due to the limited amount of space available. Private off-campus apartments are also available; however students must make their own arrangements. For more information, use the Contact Address to ask the school directly.
    • Surrounding Area
    • Portland, Oregon is a safe, clean, beautiful city with endless restaurants and fun things to do. Portland has an excellent transportation system. Students do not need a car to live in Portland. Best of all Portland has no sales tax. On the weekend, take a trip to the beach or go to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. The school is located inside the Lloyd Center in the heart of Portland’s Lloyd District, a centrally located area for shopping, entertainment, apartments, businesses, and schools. The school is easily reached by bus, train, streetcar, walking, or biking. For students, who do drive, the school has free parking as well. Students love living in Portland and love the school’s location.
    • About the College/University
    • The school features 14 spacious classrooms, a fun student lounge, a kitchen area, meeting rooms, a study lab, a computer lab, and a reception area. Students relax in the student lounge, practice their English conversation in meetings rooms, work with a tutor in the study lab, and enjoy fun and effective classes in comfortable classrooms.
    • Conditional Admission / Credit Courses
    • Conditional Admission pathways to universities are available for qualified students.
  • Study Options
    • Intensive English Program (IEP)

    • Overview
    • Students at PELA can expect informative, high-energy classes. Each class presents Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar instruction in real-world situations that will help students gain confidence in their ability to use English for work, home, or travel. They will study with highly-trained teachers skilled at adapting course materials to the needs of individual students. They will use videos, games, and in-house prepared course packs, working with the whole class and in smaller groups. Teachers use the internet to share the most up-to-date learning tools. As a result, each month, students will see their mastery of English grow.

      Intensive English Program students study 4 hours per day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Intensive English students take three classes: Listening & Speaking, Writing, and Integrated Skills. On Tuesday and Thursday, Intensive English students take two classes: Reading, Pronunciation & Vocabulary and Grammar for Communication. Academic English Program students study 4 hours a day in classes that prepare them to succeed in an English-speaking university or college. Intensive IELTS students study for 25 hours per a week focusing on the skills and strategies that will get them the IELTS score that they want to receive. Youth English Camps feature 15 hours of classroom time and 15 hours of excursions and activities.

      Every day all students can choose to join an informal conversation group led by a native speaker. In this group, students play games, share food, and chat with the friendly group leader. Monday through Thursday, a student who needs a little extra help with lessons can have free tutoring from one of our trained instructors.

      At least once a month, PELA takes students on either a field trip or hosts an in-school party. Everyone is invited. Each term students can try for the honor roll or be selected as Student of the Month. Students can follow school events and suggestions for extra-curricular activities on PELA’s blog, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

      Students are surprised at how much attention they receive, how quickly they learn, and how much fun they have all for very affordable tuition at the Portland English Language Academy.
    • Data
    • CLASS SIZE: 12 Students
      CLASS LEVELS: 6 Levels
      COURSE LENGTH: 4-52 Weeks
      MINIMUM AGE: 14 Years Old
      VISA INFORMATION: I-20 Issued Upon Request
      HOUSING: Homestay
      On-Campus Residence
    • Dates
    • 2021
      4 WEEKS:
      6/1 - 6/256/28 - 7/308/2 - 8/278/30 - 9/24
      9/27 - 10/2210/25 - 11/1911/22 - 12/17
    • Costs
      US$ 45
      TUITION FEE (2021)
      4-24 WEEKS US$ 1,055 Per Term
      US$ 125
      4-52 WEEKS US$ 650 Per Month US$ 720 Per Month N/A
      Airport Pickup Service
      US$ 25 (Portland International Airport - Provided by Host)
    • Remarks / Other Information
    • Dates and fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.
  • Location
    • United States Portland, Oregon
    • Location
      Portland English Language Academy (PELA)
      2007 Lloyd Center Portland, Oregon  97232  U.S.A.
    • Getting To Your School
    • From Portland International Airport:
      PELA arranges airport pick-up service that costs US$ 25 and brings students directly to the school in approximately 20 minutes.
  • Video

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