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  • 全米で最も大規模な州立大学の一つであり、最先端の研究と研究施設が整ったテキサス大学オースティン校にて英語を学べる機会
  • 「世界のライブミュージックの首都」として知られ、全米でも急成長している都市のひとつ、テキサス州オースティンでの魅力的な留学生活
  • 週毎に企画されているイベントやカンバセーショングループなどの交流やオースティンの観光名所をめぐる機会あり


  • 基本情報
    • 大学付属英語コースについて
    • 学校データ
    • 運営 : 公立
      設立 : 1965
      加盟教育団体/認定団体 : Study Texas / CEA, SACS
      学生数 : 200
      1クラスの平均人数 : 12
      空港出迎えサービス : 無し
      学費レベル : 低い
      立地環境 : 都市部
      主な公共交通機関 : 電車、バス、タクシー
    • 学校からのメッセージ
    • Thank you for your interest in the English Language Center at The University of Texas at Austin. Our mission is to offer the highest quality ESL instruction that supports current and potential university students, visiting scholars, and international student and scholar dependents at The University of Texas at Austin. Our experienced faculty and staff are here to help you achieve your goals. What starts here changes the world.

      Dr. Michael T. Smith, Director
      English Language Center
      The University of Texas at Austin
    • お問合せ先
    • The University of Texas at Austin
      English Language Center

      2400 Nueces Street
      Austin, Texas  78705  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (512) 471-2480
      FAX: +1 (512) 475-6810
  • 学校詳細
    • 滞在施設
    • 学校周辺の環境
    • 大学について
    • 条件付入学/TOEFLなしの進学/単位取得について
  • 提供コース
    • 集中英語プログラム(ELP) (English Language Program (ELP) and Academic English Program (AEP))

    • コースについて
    • コースデータ
    • 1クラスの学生数: 12 名
      レベル数: 7 レベル
      期間: 8,10,15 週間
      年齢制限: 17 歳
      必須条件: 高等学校の卒業
      ビザに関する情報: 申請によりI-20を発行
      滞在施設: オフキャンパスレジデンス(民間寮)
    • 日程
    • 2023
      5 週間:
      6/22 - 7/28

      8 週間:
      8/14 - 10/6

      15 週間:
      8/14 - 12/4

      5 週間:
      6/20 - 7/29

      8 週間:
      1/8 - 3/1

      10 週間:
      5/20 - 7/29

      15 週間:
      1/8 - 4/29

    • 費用
    • 入学申請料
      US$ 0
      授業料 (2023 - 2024)
      8 週間 US$ 2,600
      10 週間 US$ 3,350
      15 週間 US$ 4,995
      滞在期間 ホームステイ 学生寮/
      レジデンス (民間寮など)
      10 週間 N/A N/A US$ 3,560
      15 週間 N/A N/A US$ 5,340
      Student Must Arrange Transportation
      Health Insurance
      US$ 1263 (15 Weeks); US$ 764 (8 Weeks)
      Books and Supplies
      US$ 300 (15 Weeks); US$ 300 (8 Weeks)
    • 備考
  • ロケーション
    • アメリカ合衆国 テキサス州オースティン
    • 所在地
      The University of Texas at Austin
      English Language Center

      2400 Nueces Street Austin, Texas  78705  U.S.A.
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    • オースティン・バーグストローム国際空港からの場合:
  • 卒業生レビュー
    • 授業・教師陣の質: 4.7
      学校環境: 4.8
      教師陣・学校スタッフのサポート: 4.9
      授業外の特別活動(週末等): 4.8
      滞在施設: 4.8


    • 29 件のレビューがあります
    • 以下は他の言語によるレビューです

    • 张峰
      [ 北京, 中国, 35才, 女性 ]

      [ 新竹市, 台灣 ]
      雖然我的課程比較短,但是還是希望可以有trip fields

      [ 수원, 한국, 27才, 男性 ]
      지대로 실력 향상함여

      Stanlee Santana
      [ Bogota, Colombia, 39才, 男性 ]
      The best school.
      It is a great school to learn English. The best decision I have made was to come and study here. Thank you!

      Helmo Valencia
      [ Florencia, Colombia, 30才, 男性 ]
      Excellent University
      The teachers are very good, really if you learn, it shows from beginning to end, I have recommended the university to all my friends and family, without a doubt.

      [ Lima, Peru, 40才, 女性 ]
      The classes and the facilities are incredible. We have support from the staff, if you want to improve your career.

      Abdulaziz Alfawaz
      [ Austin, Texas, Saudi Arabia, 18才, 男性 ]
      The ELP at UT Austin
      I’ve spent more than three months in Austin, Texas and during that period I met many people and have a lot of new friends. The people in Texas are so social that everyone says howdy to the other even if they don't know them. Regarding the ELP, it is one of the best programs in the U.S. As I always meet high-level scholarship students who came, for example, from SABIC, KAUST, and ARAMCO, having such students is proof that the English Language Program is very good.

      Bonnie Correa
      [ Pereira, Colombia, 女性 ]
      My experience was excellent, from when I applied to study until the end. The staff and teachers are accommodating and always willing to help. The classes are dynamic and have excellent academic content. I am thrilled to have participated in the ESL at UT program.

      [ Tokyo, Japan, 女性 ]
      Friends Through Activities
      I've attended almost all of the activities! I met a lot of friends through activities, and I had fun with them. It improved my English skills a lot.

      [ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 女性 ]
      Meeting International Students
      At UT, I had a chance to meet a lot of international students from all over the world and significantly improved my English skills.

      [ Kabul, Afghanistan, 男性 ]
      Proud to be a UT ESL Alumni
      I feel very proud as a UT ESL Alumni. I have learned so many things from amazing people at UT ESL. As a graduate student, I don't feel that I am an international students anymore.

      Ye Ri Bae
      [ Seoul, South Korea, 女性 ]
      The Best Experience in My Life
      The program at UT ESL was the best experience in my life. Austin is a great place for English study because there are many multi-cultural things to do. UT ESL helped me grow in several ways, especially with time management. Because of program I learnt how to balance my schedule for classes and homework. I chose UT ESL because they support every student really carefully. They always focus on what students need and they provide an amazing program of classes and events. Because of ESL, I met people who have the same purpose as me, and that is very special.

      [ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 男性 ]
      A Great Honor and Privilege
      Studying at UT Austin is a great honor and privilege that I got. It had been a wonderful period in my life to be there and to improve my English skills by the most knowledgeable professors that I had not experienced before.

      [ Caracas, Venezuela, 男性 ]
      Make Friends at the UT ESL Program
      If you really want to learn English and have fun then come to the UT ESL Program and start making friends while learning.

      [ Caracas, Venezuela, 男性 ]
      Understanding the Culture
      Beyond learning English, UT ESL helped me understand the culture, dynamics, and organization of this country

      [ Madrid, Spain, 51才, 女性 ]
      It has been an amazing experience. The teachers are really good. I've learned more English in this semester than in all my previous years studying English! Teachers helped me to achieve a high level of English in a very effective way. Thank you very much!

      [ Bogota, COLOMBIA ]
      The Best High-Quality Program
      University of Texas at Austin (UT), English as a Second Language (ESL) Services is the best high-quality program that foreign students can take for several reasons. It has a unique high-quality education system that really helps learners' English process. The program integrates with the student community and the city. The staff and teachers are deeply compromising to an understanding with each individual learning process, and they are always available to answer any questions. There are exceptional facilities of the University of Texas on Austin campus which meet the highest standard of quality and easy access.

      [ LIMA, Perú, 33才, 男性 ]

      [ Fujian, China ]

      [ Hualien, 台灣, 42才, 男性 ]

      [ Taoyuan, Taiwan ]

      [ TWAPEI, TAIWAN, 31才, 男性 ]

      [ 서울, 한국 ]

      Estudiante Anterior
      [ Heredia, Costa Rica ]

      Estudiante Anterior
      [ Mexico, México ]

      A Former Student
      [ Seoul, South Korea ]

      [ Beijing, China ]

      [ Pointe Noire, Republic of congo, 27才, 男性 ]

      Tiger Chen
      [ Shantou, China ]
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