University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver)


ESL Academy [Denver, Colorado]


  • ESLアカデミーを一定の基準で終了した学生にはTOEFL免除の条件付入学制度あり
  • 大学進学に特化したカリキュラム、質の高い英語教育を提供
  • 利便性の良いデンバー市街地での留学生活。そして、ロッキー山脈の美しく雄大な景色に囲まれ、ほぼ一年中晴天の続く恵まれた自然環境


  • 基本情報
    • 大学付属英語コースについて
    • 学校データ
    • 運営 : 公立
      設立 : 1912
      加盟教育団体/認定団体 : EnglishUSA
      学生数 : 80
      1クラスの平均人数 : 12 - 15
      空港出迎えサービス : 無し
      学費レベル : 普通
      立地環境 : 都市部
      主な公共交通機関 : 電車、バス
    • 学校からのメッセージ
    • Welcome to the English as a Second Language (ESL) Academy​​ at the University of Colorado Denver. At the ESL Academy you will enter a new world of academic, cultural, and career opportunities. The ESL Academy prepares you in not only English language fluency, it also supports your complete success as a University of Colorado Denver student. Your classes take place in downtown Denver, giving you access to a diver​​se business economy with internship and professional opportunities. You’re also just steps away from nearby museums, libraries, shops, restaurants and sports venues. International student clubs and cultural activities enrich your campus life experience. The university welcomes students from more than 130 countries. We look forward to receiving your application from ApplyESL!

      Fatima Esseili
      Associate Professor, Department of English
      Director, ESL Academy
      University of Colorado Denver
    • お問合せ先
    • University of Colorado Denver
      ESL Academy

      1100 Lawrence St, #014
      Denver, Colorado  80204  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (303) 315-2383
      FAX: +1 (303) 315-2389
  • 学校詳細
    • 滞在施設
    • 学校周辺の環境
    • 大学について
    • 条件付入学/TOEFLなしの進学/単位取得について
  • 提供コース
    • 集中英語プログラム (Intensive English Program)

    • コースについて
    • コースデータ
    • 1クラスの学生数: 12-15名
      レベル数: 5 レベル
      期間: 8 週間
      年齢制限: 18 歳
      必須条件: 高校卒業以上
      ビザに関する情報: 申請によりI-20を発行
      滞在施設: キャンパス内アパート
    • 日程
    • 2024
      8 週間:
      5/29 - 7/26
      出願締切: 4/28
      8/14 - 10/11
      出願締切: 7/15
      10/16 - 12/13
      出願締切: 9/16

    • 費用
    • 入学申請料
      US$ 73
      授業料 (2024)
      8 週間 US$ 3,416
      滞在期間 ホームステイ 学生寮/
      レジデンス (民間寮など)
      8 週間 N/A US$ 1,777 US$ 2,400
      Arranged by Student
      US$ 510 (8 Weeks)
    • 備考
  • ロケーション
    • アメリカ合衆国 コロラド州 デンバー市
    • 所在地
      University of Colorado Denver
      ESL Academy

      1100 Lawrence St, #014 Denver, Colorado  80204  U.S.A.
    • 学校への行き方
    • Denver International Airportからの場合:

  • 卒業生レビュー
    • 授業・教師陣の質: 4.6
      学校環境: 4.0
      教師陣・学校スタッフのサポート: 4.2
      授業外の特別活動(週末等): 3.8
      滞在施設: 4.0


    • 5 件のレビューがあります
    • 以下は他の言語によるレビューです

    • Emerson Henrique
      [ Aracaju, Brazil, 男性 ]
      I Made a New Family Here
      The best thing about the ESL Academy is that this school taught me not only a second language. This school has taught me the meaning of learning. I learned to respect, to live and overcome difficulties away from my home, my friends and my family. However, I am so lucky because I made a new family here and I will take it with me wherever I go.

      Hussein Jaaz
      [ Najaf, Iraq, 男性 ]
      I advise you to study here
      It is really a nice experience. I have spent almost one year in this school. They all brought memories beyond better. I learned so much and had fun at the same time. They have great and friendly specialists and great teaching ways. I advise you to study here for certain!

      Rosa Osteicoechea
      [ Punto Fijo, Venezuela, 女性 ]
      Be a Great Student at the University Level
      Nelson Mandela said “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,” with that being said I must add the best thing about ESL academy is its staff. Amazing people are the main reason why ESL is so great. Each person from the specialists to the coordinators are dedicated and committed to their work, I dare to say for them is more than a job it is a calling to help people, that is why learning and developing at the ESL academy is so simple and satisfying. At the end of the road you will have learned the skills you need to be a great student at university level but also you will have created bonds of friendship and affection with remarkable people.

      A Former Student
      [ Bangkok, Thailand, 男性 ]
      Learn Different Cultures, Behaviors, and Language
      ESL academy is unlike other language schools I have attended. This school is a good place to learn different cultures, behaviors, and language. I make many new friends during these 2 months. The courses at this ESL Academy are different because they use “content-based” in their teaching. This method enhances and motivates me to learn in the way that I like. My time at ESL Academy is worth it.

      [ Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, 19才, 男性 ]
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