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University of Hawaii, Hawaii Community College (HCC)

Intensive English Program (IEP) [Hilo, Hawaii]


  • Quality academic program for college preparation or personal and professional development
  • Emphasis on English skill development critical for understanding and participation in academic assignments, in-class discussions and personal development
  • Located in the beautiful city of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii with a safe, friendly, and convenient environment with warm tropical weather all year round
  • Information
    • About the ESL Program
    • The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Hawaii Community College was established in 1995 and its mission is to provide the highest quality academic English language instruction and comprehensive support to international students seeking academic, personal, and professional goals in a rich, cross-cultural environment. IEP offers 8-week sessions five times a year for students from beginners to high intermediate. Students are provided with 20 hours a week of academic English instruction in reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills. One of the many goals of the program is to prepare students with the skills required to study at an American university. Students who complete the Intensive English Program will be able to apply writing and critical thinking skills to academic assignments, read, comprehend and respond to academic texts, use listening and speaking skills for in-class discussions and understand grammar concepts and apply them to a variety of skill areas. The Intensive English Program at Hawaii Community College is fully accredited by CEA (The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation) and the school is a proud member of AAIEP (The American Association of Intensive English Programs), which promotes professional standards and quality instruction in intensive English Programs.
    • Fast Facts
    • Affiliation : Public
      Establishment : 1995
      Membership/Accreditation : AAIEP / CEA
      Enrollment : 40
      Average Class Size : 4
      Airport Pickup : Yes
      Tuition : Medium
      Community Type : Suburban
      Transportation : Bus, taxi
    • A Message from School
    • Aloha! Hawaii Community College’s Intensive English Program (IEP) is located in Hilo, Hawai‘i, on the east side of Hawai‘i Island. Hawai‘i Island, also known as the “Big Island,”is a 40-minute flight from Honolulu. Hawai‘i is a beautiful place to live and study. The town of Hilo is small and quiet. There are many things to do if you enjoy nature and being close to the ocean. Hilo keeps the old traditions of Hawai‘i and it is a good location to learn more about Hawaiian culture. The IEP is a small program with a family atmosphere. Our teachers are kind and friendly professionals, who will work closely with you to reach your academic goals. We are used to working with students who have never been abroad before. The IEP is a serious academic program, but we also know how to make learning English enjoyable. Our focus is on communication, and we try to involve all of our students with community-based activities and various volunteer programs. We look forward to receiving your application from!
      Sherri Leibert Fujita, Coordinator
      Intensive English Program
      Hawaii Community College
    • Hawaii Community College, Intensive English Program
      200 West Kawili Street
      Hilo, Hawaii  96720-4091  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1-808-934-2697
      FAX: +1-808-934-2701
  • More Details
    • Housing
    • Students may request pre and post arrival support for a fee of US$125. For this fee, housing will be arranged prior to arrival, and students will be picked up at the airport, and taken to their new apartments. They will also be taken on two separate shopping trips and be given assistance with setting up a local bank account, and getting other services such as internet access or a cell phone. Housing arranged for pre and post arrival support will be in off-campus student housing within walking distance from the campus.

      Students who do not request pre and post arrival support are responsible for locating their individual off-campus housing. IEP will provide students with information about available off-campus housing options from the Department of Housing & Residence Life. For students who prefer an independent lifestyle, off-campus residences provide more privacy and offer opportunities to interact with people in the community outside the campus environment. Students are encouraged to make their housing arrangements as early as possible due to the limited amount of space available.
    • Surrounding Area
    • The Intensive English Program at the University of Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i Community College is located in Hilo, a quiet, friendly, and safe town which is the second largest in the state of Hawai‘i. Hilo is the largest settlement on the Island of Hawai‘i with a population of approximately 45,000 people. The town overlooks Hilo Bay which is situated nearby to two famous volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. In fact, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is located only 45 minutes to the south. The Big Island of Hawai‘i has a mix of tropical rains and sunny days which makes everything lush and green throughout the year. The environment is dramatic with beautiful waterfalls, fertile rainforests and blooming gardens all over. Hilo has safer, cleaner and quieter than Honolulu and other large metropolitan areas. There are many attractions for students such as the beach, mountains and forest areas which are close by. Students enjoy swimming, surfing, snorkeling, diving, hiking and camping in their free time. Today’s Hilo is a vibrant town, home to great museums, art galleries, unique shops and the Hilo Farmers Market.
    • About the College/University
    • Hawai‘i Community College (HawCC) is one of ten branches of the nationally ranked University of Hawaii system which currently enrolls over 2000 students. HawCC continues to rank as one of the top 25 community colleges in the United States and has been providing higher education to students for 70 years. The school offers international students 22 Associates of Arts or Associate of Applied Science degrees in vocational arts, liberal arts, business, nursing, and forestry. In addition the school is the only community college in the United States with a Hawaiian Lifestyles degree program with an option to transfer to a 4-year degree program in Hawaiian Studies. Graduates of HawCC have gone on to careers in private industries, education, health and many other fields. All degree programs give students chances for an internship to apply their learning to work experience, service learning, and Optional Practical Training (OPT) after graduation. The school shares some facilities, including the library and some classrooms with the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, a 15-minute walk from the main HawCC campus. The spirit of community unites all parts of Hawaii Community College into an “academic village without walls” which contributes to the overall success of students.
    • Conditional Admission / Credit Courses
    • Conditional admission to Hawaii Community College is available to students who complete the Intensive English Program Level 4.
  • Study Options
    • Intensive English Program

    • Overview
    • The Intensive English Program (IEP) offers five 8-week sessions each year beginning in January, March, June, August and October. Students receive 20 hours of class instruction per week. Each student is taught the core English skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. One of the primary goals of the program is to prepare students thoroughly for challenges of studying at an American university.

      Students at the IEP are provided with a variety of services which will help them improve their English such as conversation partners, a multi-media language lab, a computer lab, free access to library and learning resources, TOEFL preparation, lessons about Hawaiian culture and a variety of activities to assist in the learning process. IEP offers English classes at four levels of proficiency from Beginner to Advanced. The staff strives to match the levels of the course to the abilities of incoming and continuing students

      IEP offers students a variety of exciting activities to enhance their experience at the school. In addition to course work, students are able to participate in weekend trips around the island. There are visits to beautiful beaches, star gazing and local cultural events to join.

      Class sizes range from 4 to 15 students per class. Every effort is made to keep classes at an ideal size for effective English language instruction.
    • Data
    • CLASS SIZE: 4-15 Students
      CLASS LEVELS: 4 Levels
      COURSE LENGTH: 8 Weeks
      MINIMUM AGE: 18 Years Old
      REQUIREMENT: High School Diploma
      VISA INFORMATION: I-20 Provided On Request
      HOUSING: Off-Campus Residence
    • Dates
    • 2021
      8 WEEKS:
      8/23 - 10/14
      Apply by 6/11
      10/25 - 12/16
      Apply by 8/13

      8 WEEKS:
      1/10 - 3/3
      Apply by 11/1
      3/21 - 5/12
      Apply by 1/7

    • Costs
      US$ 75
      TUITION FEE (2021)
      8 WEEKS US$ 2,205
      8 WEEKS N/A N/A US$ 1,200-2,000
      Airport Pickup Service
    • Remarks / Other Information
    • Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.
      Application fee is non-refundable.
      Housing fee does not include meals.
  • Location
    • United States Hilo, Hawaii
    • Location
      Hawaii Community College, Intensive English Program
      200 West Kawili Street Hilo, Hawaii  96720-4091  U.S.A.
    • Getting To Your School
    • From Hilo International Airport:
      The school arranges airport pick-up service and other arrival support that costs US$125 and brings students directly to the school in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Video

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