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  • 大学進学準備に適した定評のある質の高い英語教育
  • アメリカの名門工科大学の1つであるロチェスター工科大学
  • 人気の観光地、マンハッタン、カナダトロント、ナイアガラの滝にアクセスしやすい便利な位置


  • 基本情報
    • 大学付属英語コースについて
    • 学校データ
    • 運営 : 私立
      設立 : 1979
      加盟教育団体/認定団体 : UCIEP, EnglishUSA / CEA
      学生数 : 50 - 100
      1クラスの平均人数 : 8 - 12
      空港出迎えサービス : 有り
      学費レベル : 普通
      立地環境 : 郊外
      主な公共交通機関 : バス
    • 学校からのメッセージ
    • Greetings from Rochester, New York!
      We are pleased to have the opportunity to tell you about our program here at If you are looking for a wonderful American university experience, RIT''s English Language Center (ELC) is the place for you. Live on a safe, beautiful, modern campus recognized as one of the top universities. Learn from professors who have master''s degrees and study in-class for 20 hours per week with 5 hours of elective classes. Outside of the classroom, visit the majestic Niagara Falls, enjoy using RIT''s indoor ice skating rink, tennis courts, swimming pool and weight room.
      The ELC Team is looking forward to helping you have a wonderful experience in Rochester, New York. Please join us!
      Stan Van Horn, Director
      English Language Center (ELC)
      Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
    • お問合せ先
    • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
      English Language Center

      28 Lomb Memorial Drive
      Rochester, New York  14623-5604  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (585) 475-6684
      FAX: +1 (585) 475-5330
  • 学校詳細
    • 滞在施設
    • 学校周辺の環境
    • 大学について
    • 条件付入学/TOEFLなしの進学/単位取得について
  • 提供コース
    • 集中英語コース (Full-Time Intensive English Program)

    • コースについて
    • コースデータ
    • 1クラスの学生数: 8 - 12 名
      レベル数: 6 レベル
      期間: 9,14 週間
      年齢制限: 17歳
      必須条件: 高等学校の卒業
      ビザに関する情報: 申請によりI-20を発行
      滞在施設: 大学寮又はキャンパス内アパート
    • 日程
    • 2024
      14 週間:
      8/27 - 12/13

    • 費用
    • 入学申請料
      US$ 150 (Non-Refundable)
      授業料 (2024)
      4 週間 US$ 2,184
      14 週間 US$ 8,736
      滞在期間 ホームステイ 学生寮/
      レジデンス (民間寮など)
      4 週間 N/A US$ 1,804 N/A
      14 週間 N/A US$ 7,500 N/A
      US$ 100 (Greater Rochester International Airport)
    • 備考
  • ロケーション
    • アメリカ合衆国 ニューヨーク州ロチェスター (Rochester, New York)
    • 所在地
      Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
      English Language Center

      28 Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester, New York  14623-5604  U.S.A.
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  • 卒業生レビュー
    • 授業・教師陣の質: 4.9
      学校環境: 4.1
      教師陣・学校スタッフのサポート: 4.6
      授業外の特別活動(週末等): 3.6
      滞在施設: 3.7


    • 7 件のレビューがあります
    • 以下は他の言語によるレビューです

    • Sang Hyun
      [ Seoul, Korea, 男性 ]
      Evaluation of ELC Programme
      This is a student who finished ELC English program. First of all, it is very good to learn English because students can have lots of classmates from foreign countries. Even though it was a little hard to speak high-advanced English with classmates because they came to study English just like me, it gave me a great brave heart to speak English fluently.

      Second, teachers and tutors are very kind. They were able to give me correct answers whenever I asked them about English and anything. Especially, I would like to thank everybody who taught me in very well-organized classes.

      [ Seoul, Korea, 女性 ]
      Perfect Environment
      Perfect Environment
      RIT has a beautiful campus, and good environment. Here are a few of my observations about studying abroad at ELC.
      1. The teacher you have determines a lot of your experience and it's better not to change so often.
      2. I wanted to study the TOEFL test more.
      3. Studying at any school abroad is a big investment for your future.
      The school has many advantages.
      Teachers are very kind and teach the best they can.
      Most students get together like a family.
      Overall, it's a good university and English Language Center.

      Chia Ping
      [ Taipei, Taiwan, 女性 ]
      Nice Teachers
      Nice Teachers
      The teachers are nice and patient. When you have a question about life in the US or studying, they have advice and suggestions which are very useful.

      [ Taipei, Taiwan, 女性 ]
      My Great Life in RIT
      My Great Life in RIT
      I didn't expect very much at first, but I met great friends, staff and teachers. I liked them very much and the curriculum was really nice. I had improved English a lot. I had the most fun at ELC.

      [ Guatemala City, Guatemala, 女性 ]
      Gracias ELC!
      Excelente es el Rochester Instititute of technology. Agradezco la acogida dada a los estudiantes de Guatemala. Sigan avanzando. Gracias.

      [ Taipei, Taiwan, 男性 ]
      Friendly Teachers and Students, Nice Campus
      ELC has friendly teachers and students, nice campus, Lots of opportunities if you are looking for them. It's ranked one the top schools in the country. And, be prepared for it to be a little cold here in the winter time. :)

      [ SHANGHAI, CHINA, 21才, 女性 ]
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