Spring International Language Center, Littleton


Intensive English Program (IEP) [Littleton, Colorado]


  • 一定基準を満たした学生には、アラパホコミュニティカレッジとデンバーコミュニティカレッジへTOEFL免除の条件付大学入学制度あり
  • サークル活動に参加し、ロッキー山脈でのリバー・ラフティング、ハイキング、スキー、バンジージャンプ、公園でバーベキューなどを楽しめる
  • 年間300日の日差しの中でコロラド州の澄み切った青空と空気、ロッキー山脈の雄大な大自然に恵まれた美しい生活環境


  • 基本情報
    • 英語学校について
    • 学校データ
    • 運営 : 私立
      設立 : 1979
      加盟教育団体/認定団体 : EnglishUSA / CEA
      学生数 : 100
      1クラスの平均人数 : 10
      空港出迎えサービス : 有り
      学費レベル : 低い
      立地環境 : 郊外
      主な公共交通機関 : 電車、バス、タクシー
    • 学校からのメッセージ
    • Spring International Language Center, Littleton is an intensive English language program which prepares international students for American universities—including English language mastery, advanced research skills, academic writing, and cultural orientation. Founded in 1979, the program has six levels of courses—from elementary to advanced—and an expert ESL faculty, some with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Successful graduation from this program allows admission to host universities without a TOEFL score requirement. Spring International also offers special short courses on request and has an excellent homestay program.
      Shirlaine Castellino, Director
      Spring International Language Center, Littleton
    • お問合せ先
    • Spring International Language Center, Littleton
      2575 W. Church Avenue
      Littleton, Colorado  80120  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (303) 797-0100
      FAX: +1 (303) 797-0127
      E-mail: info@spring.edu
      Website: http://www.spring.edu
  • 学校詳細
    • 滞在施設
    • 学校周辺の環境
    • 条件付入学/TOEFLなしの進学/単位取得について
  • 提供コース
    • 集中英語コース (Intensive English Program)

    • コースについて
    • コースデータ
    • 1クラスの学生数: 10名
      レベル数: 6レベル
      期間: 5,9週間
      年齢制限: 17歳以上
      必須条件: 特になし
      ビザに関する情報: 申請によりI-20を発行
      滞在施設: ホームステイ
    • 日程
    • 2022
      5 週間:
      1/31 - 3/44/11 - 5/136/20 - 7/229/12 - 10/14
      11/14 - 12/16

      9 週間:
      3/14 - 5/135/23 - 7/228/15 - 10/1410/17 - 12/16
    • 費用
    • 入学申請料
      US$ 125
      授業料 (2021 - 2022)
      5 週間 US$ 2,000
      9 週間 US$ 3,400
      US$ 200
      滞在期間 ホームステイ 学生寮/
      レジデンス (民間寮など)
      5 週間 US$ 900 Per Month N/A N/A
      9 週間 US$ 900 Per Month N/A N/A
      Included Free Of Charge
    • 備考
  • ロケーション
    • アメリカ合衆国 コロラド州 リトルトン市
    • 所在地
      Spring International Language Center, Littleton
      2575 W. Church Avenue Littleton, Colorado  80120  U.S.A.
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  • 卒業生レビュー
    • 授業・教師陣の質: 4.8
      学校環境: 4.6
      教師陣・学校スタッフのサポート: 4.9
      授業外の特別活動(週末等): 4.4
      滞在施設: 4.6


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      [ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 男性 ]
      Very professional!
      The entire staff is well educated and they welcomed me with open arms. All of them are friendly. In my opinion, this is the best school ever with the best teachers. Very professional!

      A Former Student
      [ Sao Paulo, Brazil, 女性 ]
      Preparation for Future Academic Goals
      Spring International provides special support for everybody who is enjoying their first experience living abroad. I really appreciated all of the support I received from Spring. For sure, I recommend SILC for my friends and I feel prepared from all the skills that I acquired here to reach my academic goals.

      A Former Student
      [ Tokyo, Japan, 女性 ]
      Teachers are great!
      Spring International is a good school and nothing should be changed. The strength of SILC is the teachers! All of the teachers in this school are excellent. They all helped me improve my English skills a lot. They also helped me solve problems.

      [ Bogota, Colombia, 男性 ]
      I wish I could have stayed longer at this school. Spring International prepares students well to go on to university studies. Both the teachers and the administration staff are incredible. I definitely recommend this school for you.

      [ Buenos Aires, Argentina, 男性 ]
      Good to Improve Listening Skills
      The entire SILC team is helpful. Lots of good teachers. My experience in my classes was particularly good to improve my listening skills. I would recommend Spring International to my relatives and friends.

      [ Bogota, Colombia, 女性 ]
      Beautiful Human Beings
      At this school, the workers are not just focused on the English program, they are also focused on being kind humans. The most important thing for me was that the staff are beautiful human beings. The staff is the best!

      [ Mexico City, Mexico, 男性 ]
      SILC is a really good school!
      Spring International Language Center has intelligent teachers that really know how to teach.

      Ban Chi
      [ Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 男性 ]
      Well Organized Program
      The teachers truly listen and try to solve the students' problems. Everything is well organized. I would like to thank all of the staff for their kindness. Keep going Spring International!

      [ Lima, Peru, 男性 ]
      Good Methods of Teaching
      The teachers were always helpful and answered my questions. They are great team workers and have good methods of teaching. The director was super nice and friendly. In my opinion, this is the best and easiest school to learn English as a second language

      [ Yaounde, Cameroon, 女性 ]
      Kind and Caring Staff
      I have learned a lot since I came here. I am grateful for all the help and support Spring International has provided. It was a great experience. Everybody was kind and caring with me. I want to thank my teachers and Spring staff. May God bless you all.

      Yao Zheng
      [ Beijing, China, 20才 ]
      Strong and helpful teachers. Great to help all of the international students either in study or with life problems. Everything here is happy to help students solve problems.

      [ Seoul, South Korea ]
      Good for Students That Want to Go to College or University
      All of the teachers are qualified to teach English. But students should do their extra study to improve their English in a short time.

      Bader Khalil
      [ Misuata, Libya, 34才 ]
      The Best School
      When I came to the US, I studied at 3 schools, then I came to Spring International which made me willing more and more to learn English and explore different cultures. I am thankful because I have had the best teachers ever at Spring.

      [ Medellin, Colombia, 30才 ]
      They Prepare The Students Very Well
      The school is awesome. The professors help us the best they can and all the people are very nice. They definitely give you a lot of homework!

      Lu Cheng Wei
      [ Taipei, Taiwan, 20才 ]
      Quality of This School
      This school is truly helpful for foreign students. Especially for the students who have weak skills in reading and writing. The teachers are wheeling to teach students how to write an academic essay. Also there are some truly friendly teachers such as Kristine, FC, Susan B, Carol and Colleen. Not to mention they are the best English teachers I have ever met. More important thing is that Ashley and Christine help me with my I-20 problem. Therefore, Spring International Language Center is an amazing school for me.

      Tsetseglenjargal Naidan
      [ Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ]
      Quality of Education
      I love this school because everyone helps me to improve my English. Every person is very friendly and kind. Also teaching English is taught high quality. When I finished this school, my dream came true

      [ Bengazi, Libya, 30才 ]
      The Best English School Ever
      I was a student at Spring School. I have also tried another English school but my experience at Spring was the best. Is the best school for whoever wants to learn English as a second language or for Academic purpose. Spring has prepared me for university. I'm so proud to be a Spring alumni. Spring is and will always be my favorite English school. I really recommend this school.

      Yin Ban / BanBan
      [ Beijing, China, 34才 ]
      Spring International Language Center is the best!
      I was studying at this school for one year and enjoyed all of my experience of this school. Teachers are professional and nice that makes me feel like home. I recommend Spring International language Center as the first choice of the English language programs.

      Virginia Alonso Cano
      [ Madrid, Spain, 女性 ]
      The school has a complete program with six levels and in all the levels, reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and other subjects are taught. The school brings American people to talk to us for speaking and treats students as people first.

      Misaki Nagatoshi
      [ Tokyo, Japan, 女性 ]
      Teachers and Staff are So Kind
      Today I graduated from Spring and I'm sure this is a really nice school because I always felt like I was at home and teachers and staff are so kind. I will never forget the memory I spent time in school with them. Also, my English skills were improved for sure. I really appreciate Spring International school.

      Guy Bisuku
      [ Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, 男性 ]
      The Best School to Perfect My English
      As a French speaker, I had to find the best school to help me perfect my English as quickly as possible, so I could easily express my knowledge and thoughts and continue on to complete my studies. Many of my successful friends told me about Spring International’s intensive English program. After my English studies at Spring, I was ready to reach my goals. The program covered all aspects of English that helped me to get a job as a Credit Service Specialist and to go on to university.

      [ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 26才, 男性 ]
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