Loyola University New Orleans (LOYNO)

Center for International Education [New Orleans, Louisiana]

Loyola Intensive English Program

Please Read Carefully Before You Apply

  1. Your application will be sent directly to the program via email. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided by the school in order to complete the application process. Applicants are advised to send questions directly to the school admissions office to ensure the quickest response.
  2. Some courses may have an application deadline. You are strongly advised to submit your application well before the course start date to ensure there is adequate time for processing.
  3. When submitting your application, prepare to send a copy of your passport to the school. You may also be required to pay a tuition deposit and submit additional documents. Your program may also require you to submit forms with your signature for security purposes. Please follow the instructions from your program carefully in order to complete the enrollment process.
  4. You must obtain a student visa in order to legally study abroad and enroll in your chosen English program. When applying for your student visa, you will submit the required forms received from your school, and other documents, to the designated embassy or consulate. We encourage you to apply to your school well in advance of your start date, to give you sufficient time to have your student visa processed.

Required Documents

(You may upload documents with the application or send them to the school.)

 Copy of Passport (I.D. Page)


Signature verification form and copy of identity page of passport- Because this is an electronic application, we have to verify your identity. A signature verification form is a document that allows us to verify your identity. Please send us this right away. We must receive this before you can submit other documents.

 Bank Statement


This document is financial evidence that shows you or your sponsor have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses during the period of your intended study. This form can be completed officially by a bank OR you can complete the form and provide a bank statement or tax documents showing the required amount.

 English Test Score


Please include evidence of intermediate (or higher) level of English. This can be the LIEP language certification signed by an English teacher, OR a standardized language test, OR some other documentation including a telephone/Skype call with one of our instructors.

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