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Chatham University


English Language Program (ELP) [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]


  • 条件式入学许可制度。完成了高级课程的学生,无需TOEFL/IELTS成绩可以申请入读学位课程。
  • 教师和员工提供极棒的教学和服务。
  • 位于匹茨堡核心的美丽而安全的校区。


  • 学校简介
    • 关于ESL的课程
    • 资料数据
    • 学校属性 : 私立
      成立时间 : 2002
      所属鉴定/会员机构 : EnglishUSA / Middle States
      学生人数 : 40 - 80
      每班平均人数 : 12
      机场接机 :
      学费 : 低价位
      地区属性 : 城市
      交通工具 : 火车,巴士,出租车
    • 导师的话
    • Dear Prospective Students,
      It is my pleasure to give you a short introduction of Pittsburgh, Chatham University, and the English Language Program at Chatham University. Pittsburgh is an exciting city in Western Pennsylvania. It is a few hours away from Washington DC, New York, and Toronto. Pittsburgh used to be an industrial city, but is now known for being green and also high-tech. You will find big companies, top universities, and beautiful green spaces in the city. In addition, the cost of living in Pittsburgh is lower than many other cities.
      Chatham University is located in the heart of Pittsburgh, but it feels like a park. You will see beautiful houses, many types of trees and plants, and even animals on the campus. Chatham is known for its exceptional teaching and personal attention to students by both faculty and staff. You will not feel lost here!
      Our English Language Program offers you endless learning opportunities both in and out of class. Our teachers are experienced and dedicated to helping you succeed in your studies. Our staff is extremely helpful, understanding, and friendly. In addition, you will discover that all Chatham University students enjoy a wide variety of entertainment and cultural activities both on campus and throughout the city.
      I came to the U.S. as an international over a decade ago. I understand the challenges of learning and living in another country. However, despite the challenges, you will have so many opportunities to grow, plenty of experiences to enjoy, and lasting friendships to cherish. I’m looking forward to welcoming many of you!

      Here is a helpful resource for students who want to improve their English before and while attending a degree in English.
      Linh Phung
      Director, English Language Program
      Chatham University
    • 联络资讯
    • Chatham University
      English Language Program (ELP)

      1 Woodland Road
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15232  U.S.A.
  • 学校详情
    • 住处
    • 环绕的区域
    • 关于学院或大学
    • 条件式入学/免托福升学/学分课程
  • 课程资讯
    • 密集英语课程 (Intensive English Program)

    • 课程内容
    • 相关资讯
    • 班级大小: 12 名
      班级程度: 4 级
      课程长度: 12,14周
      最低年龄限制: 18 岁
      入学限制: 高中或同等学历毕业文凭
      签证资讯: 可以颁发I-20
      住处: 学校宿舍或校内公寓
    • 日期
    • 2022
      15 周:
      1/5 - 4/224/25 - 8/5

    • 费用
    • 申请费用
      学费 (2021 - 2022)
      12-14 周 US$ 5,150
      住宿时间 住宿家庭 学校宿舍/ 校园内的公寓 校园外的住宿
      12-14 周 N/A US$ 2635-3195 Per Session N/A
      Free (Send Arrival Information to School)
    • 备注
  • 所在地
    • 美国 宾夕法尼亚州 匹茨堡 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
    • 地址
      Chatham University
      English Language Program (ELP)

      1 Woodland Road Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15232  U.S.A.
    • 至学校的交通方式
    • 大匹兹堡国际机场(Greater Pittsburgh International Airport):
      学校提供从机场直接到校的免费接机服务,车程约30分钟; 或是搭公車也可到校,但班次有限。
  • 学生评价与回馈
    • 学术品质: 5.0
      学校环境: 5.0
      教职员的协助: 5.0
      课外与社交活动: 5.0
      住宿品质: 5.0


    • 现在有 3 个评价与回馈
    • 以下是其他语系学生的评价与回馈之翻译版本
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      Ngoc Pham
      [ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 男 ]
      One of the Best Choices for your Education
      In the past, I never thought that I could go to the US for an overseas education, but Chatham University gave me a great chance through the English Language Program International Student Ambassador Scholarship. During the 10 weeks at Chatham University, I learned a lot of things. Through the English Language Program at Chatham, you will not only improve your English language skill, but also explore US culture and form new relationships with other international students. I have changed a lot, from a person who is always shy to speak English to a confident communicator, from a family-dependent to independent person, and from a passive to now a more lively person. All of these changes occurred during my three months in the U.S. To me, Chatham is not only the university to study, but also the place to discover myself and the environment to grow.

      At Chatham University, you will be able to receive full support from enthusiastic teachers, experience well-designed learning programs, and interact with amazing friends, and study in a place where you always feel comfortable like a second family.

      Chatham University is one of the best choices for your education, you will never feel regret when making that choice!

      Gabby Gomez Rendon
      [ Mexico City, Mexico, 女 ]
      Friends for Life
      I love my job, my boss, my colleagues and the projects we make. Second, the friends I have made at the MBA and at the Center, they are friends for life. Second, I love Prof. Pearson. I decide to start the MBA here after my interview with him. He is a great man and an amazing mentor. I like my advisors very much: Prof. Glyde is very cool. And I love the Summer Camp that Chatham has for kids, for older students like me who have kids, the summer camp is a life saver. Last year, I enrolled my son in the camp, and I was able to work and study, and my son was able to have lots of fun during summer while he learned many things. I will register my son this year again and I am even thinking to bring my nieces from Mexico for it.

      TuongVy Le
      [ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 女 ]
      International Student Ambassador Scholarship
      I never once thought I would be able to study abroad or study in the US, but Chatham University offered me an International Student Ambassador Scholarship from from the English Language Program. It was the best experience ever for me. Before attending the program, I was a very shy speaker, but everything changed thanks to the program at Chatham, and my English-speaking skill has improved ever since.
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