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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)


English Language Program (ELP) [Richmond, Virginia]


  • 濃厚的學術氛圍,讓學員在一年的課程内能快速提昇英語能力。
  • 價格合理。高品質的教學課程。細心和專業的授課教師。
  • 安全和友善的校園環境;鄰近市中心,兩小時到華盛頓特區。
  • 學校簡介
    • 關於ESL的課程
    • 資料數據
    • 學校屬性 : 公立
      成立時間 : 1989
      所屬鑑定/會員機構 : EnglishUSA / CEA
      學生人數 : 300
      每班平均人數 : 12
      機場接機 :
      學費 : 低價位
      地區屬性 : 城市
      交通工具 : 巴士,計程車,火車
    • 導師的話
    • Welcome to the English Language Program (ELP) in the Global Education Office (GEO) at Virginia Commonwealth University. Our Mission is simple: to help you succeed.
      Our ELP teachers and advisors help you improve your English skills. Our curriculum includes all ESL skill areas and allows you to complete ELP within one calendar year or less. Our courses prepare you to succeed at VCU and in your professional and personal lives. Our Tutoring Center and Computer Lab offer extra help with learning English. Our GEO staff help you lead a successful life here. At ELP, you are respected as a unique individual. The focus is on you; you are why we are here. This is our promise to you. We look forward to receiving your application from!

      Moe Greene, Ph.D.
      English Language Program (ELP)
      Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
    • 聯絡資訊
    • Virginia Commonwealth University
      English Language Program (ELP)

      912 West Grace Street, 3rd Floor P.O. Box 843043
      Richmond, Virginia  23284-3043  U.S.A.
      TEL: (804) 828-2551
      FAX: (804) 828-2552
  • 學校詳情
    • 住處
    • 環繞的區域
    • 關於學院或大學
    • 條件式入學 / 免托福升學 / 學分課程
  • 課程資訊
    • 密集英語課程 (English Language Program (ELP) / On-Campus)

    • 課程内容
    • 相關資訊
    • 班級大小: 12 -15 名
      班級程度: 3 級
      課程長度: 8,12,16 週
      最低年齡限制: 17 歲
      入學限制: N/A
      簽證資訊: 可以頒發I-20
      住處: 學校宿舍或校內公寓
    • 日期
    • 2024
      8 週:
      6/17 - 8/910/14 - 12/13

      16 週:
      8/20 - 12/13

    • 費用
    • 申請費用
      US$ 170
      學費 (2023 - 2024)
      8 週 US$ 2,475
      12 週 US$ 4,950
      16 週 US$ 4,950
      住宿時間 住宿家庭 學校宿舍/ 校園內的公寓 校園外的住宿
      8-16 週 N/A US$ 599 - 825 Per Month US$ 600 - 900 Per Month
      Student Arranged (Taxi, Bus or Car Service)
      Health Insurance
      US$ 887 (12 Weeks)
    • 備註
    • 托福、發音及其他短期課程 (TOEFL, Pronunciation, and Other Short Term Courses)

    • 課程内容
    • 相關資訊
    • 班級大小: 12-15 名學生
      班級程度: 多級
      課程長度: 8 週
      最低年齡限制: 17 歲
      簽證資訊: N/A
      住處: N/A
    • 日期
    • 2024
      8 週:
      6/17 - 8/910/14 - 12/13

      16 週:
      8/20 - 12/13

    • 費用
    • 申請費用
      US$ 0
      學費 (2023 - 2024)
      8 週 US$ 450
      住宿時間 住宿家庭 學校宿舍/ 校園內的公寓 校園外的住宿
       週 N/A N/A N/A
    • 備註
  • 所在地
    • 美國 維吉尼亞州 里奇蒙市 (Richmond, Virginia)
    • 地址
      Virginia Commonwealth University
      English Language Program (ELP)

      912 West Grace Street, 3rd Floor P.O. Box 843043 Richmond, Virginia  23284-3043  U.S.A.
    • 至學校的交通方式
    • 從里奇蒙國際機場(Richmond International Airport)出發:
  • 學生評價與回饋
    • 學術品質: 4.7
      學校環境: 4.8
      教職員的協助: 4.8
      課外與社交活動: 4.2
      住宿品質: 4.4


    • 現在有 11 個評價與回饋
    • 以下是其他語系學生的評價與回饋之翻譯版本

    • Lynis Leon
      [ Henrico, United States, 43歳, 女 ]
      La escuela esta limpia, el ambiente muy agradable.
      Sugeriria que dejaran menos tarea, me gustaron los ejercicios practicos, pero estar haciendo presentaciones se me complica porque al estudiar, trabajar y cuidar una familia eso se dificulta.

      Joel Torrealba
      [ Paysandu, Uruguay, 47歳, 男 ]
      Excelente Experiencia
      Muy buena experiencia y excelente aprendizaje

      [ Taif, Saudi Arabia, 男 ]
      My Personal Point of View
      Selecting an English Language Program is somewhat challenging for a great deal of students overseas. I hope that my review will help them to narrow down their scope of searching. Firstly, my educational journey at VCU ELP was a magnificent experience in all aspects. The instructors and administrative staff are kind and helpful. In the classroom, my instructors treated me with extreme respect and courtesy. Secondly, the curriculum is well designed and contains tons of topics about the American culture and society that have radically changed my view toward it and provides me with a breadth of enormous knowledge about it. Additionally, there is a weekly meeting called Tea Time where we interact with other international students and native English speakers. Finally, my basic English skills have substantially improved to an excellent level. My use of the English words and grammar have become more flexible and has a deep understanding which allowed me to use them in a different context than before. To sum up, I really enjoyed the study at this school, and my knowledge as well as my skills surely developed after I have enrolled in this ELP.

      A Former Student
      [ Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 27歳, 男 ]
      I wish I had more time to study at VCU!
      I recommend studying at VCU.

      [ Shanghai, China, 23歳, 女 ]
      A good opportunity to learn and meet friends
      Here at ELP is really great for me to study. I really found the joy of learning English and got lots of opportunities to communicate. In the class, teachers are really wonderful! They are just like friends and are full of energy. Also, after class there are activities such as Tea Time which is helpful. I highly recommend it!

      [ Minas Gerais, Brazil, 38歳, 女 ]
      I really appreciate my course, the teacher are so wonderful. Although I had studied English before, I had learned more grammar and vocabulary. Therefore, if I have to choose, I would do it again.

      Sofia Perez
      [ Richmond, United States ]

      Estudiante Anterior
      [ san salvador, el salvador ]

      A Former Student
      [ Siddiq, Kuwait, 18歳 ]

      Geovana Pereira Gomes
      [ Itajai/SC, Brazil, 40歳, 女 ]

      Ahmad sarkhouh
      [ Kuwait city, Kuwait, 22歳, 男 ]
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