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University of Hawaii at Manoa, Outreach College

New Intensive Courses in English (NICE) [Honolulu, Hawaii]


  • Un currículo flexible con varias rutas de estudio para los intereses y habilidades de cada estudiante.
  • Énfasis en la comprensión del Inglés del mundo real y las habilidades de conversación que pueden ser aplicadas en el salón de clase, en el campus, y en la comunidad.
  • La ubicación en Hawaii ofrece un ambiente serio de apoyo al aprendizaje, una comunidad urbana culturalmente diversa, y un al rededor natural increíble, para el disfrute máximo de los momentos de recreación.
  • Información
    • Sobre el programa de inglés (ESL)
    • Información relevante
    • Afiliación : Pública
      Fundación : 1975
      Miembro de / Credenciales : EnglishUSA / CEA
      Número de estudiantes : 150
      Media de estudiantes por clase : 12
      Servicio recogida en aeropuerto : No
      Tasas : Baja
      Tipo de comunidad : Ciudad
      Transporte Consideraciones : Autobús, Taxi
    • Mensaje de la escuela
    • NICE offers several excellent English courses throughout the year, in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Study options include rigorous academic preparation, English for communication in the community and the workplace, and short conversation courses that expose students to life in the U.S. and Hawaii, and classes that focus on a particular language skill. Although each course has a unique focus, NICE is especially known for its emphasis on building practical oral communication skills in English. We look forward to receiving your application from ApplyESL!

      Ms. Michiko Kahmann
      International Programs Director
      University of Hawaii at Manoa Outreach College
    • University of Hawaii at Manoa
      2425 Campus Road, Sinclair 301
      Honolulu, Hawaii  96822  U.S.A.
      TEL: (808) 956-7753
      FAX: (808) 956-3421
  • Más Detalles
    • Alojamiento
    • Alrededores
    • Acerca de la universidad or colegio
    • Admisión Condicional / Cursos de Crédito
  • Opciones de estudio
    • Programa de Inglés Intensivo (Intensive English Program)

    • Resumen
    • Información
    • ALUMNOS POR CLASE: 12 estudiantes
      NIVELES: 5 niveles
      DURACION: 10 semanas
      EDAD MINIMA: 18 anos
      CONDICIONES: Secundaria o equivalente
      INFORMACION VISADO: I-20 tramitada bajo pedido
      ALOJAMIENTO: Residencia en el campus
      Residencia fuera del campus
    • Fechas
    • 2021
      10 semanas:
      10/8 - 12/17

      10 semanas:
      1/7 - 3/184/8 - 6/17

    • Costos
      US$ 75
      MATRICULA (2021 - 2022)
      10 semanas US$ 3,155
      20 semanas US$ 6,310
      30 semanas US$ 9,465
      LONGITUD Familia Residencia / Apartamentos en el campus Residencia fuera del campus
      10 semanas US$ 2,850 - 3,250 US$ 1,120 - 2,450 US$ 1,750 - 2,125
      20 semanas US$ 5,700 - 6,500 US$ 2,240 - 4,900 US$ 3,500 - 4,250
      30 semanas US$ 8,550 - 9,750 US$ 3,360 - 7,350 US$ 5,250 - 6,375
      Servicio recogida en aeropuerto
      Student Arranged
    • Comentarios / Otra Información
  • Sitio
    • ESTADOS UNIDOS Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Sitio
      University of Hawaii at Manoa
      2425 Campus Road, Sinclair 301 Honolulu, Hawaii  96822  U.S.A.
    • Llegando a Tu Escuela
    • Desde Honolulu International Airport:
      El viaje desde este aeropuerto hasta el campus es responsibilidad del estudiante. Los estudiantes pueden tomar un taxi que costará aproximadamente US$ 25 y llegará al campus.
  • Evaluaciones
    • Calidad Académica: 4.4
      Ambiente de la Escuela: 4.0
      Asistencia del Personal: 4.3
      Actividades y Vida Social: 3.8
      Alojamiento: 3.5


    • Hay 11 evaluaciones de esta escuela
    • Abajo encontrarás evaluaciones adicionales en otros idiomas.
    • ApplyESL declina toda responsabilidad por errores en, o de la calidad de, las traducciones automáticas proporcionadas por Google Translate.

      [ 福岡, 日本, 20 años, Femenino ]
      1 de 1 personas econtraron útil la siguiente evaluación:

      [ 神奈川, 日本, 30 años, Femenino ]
      3 de 3 personas econtraron útil la siguiente evaluación:
      学校では、授業以外でも英語を話すことを求められます。English Only Policyを掲げているため、私のクラスでは日本人7割というクラスでしたが、全員英語で会話していました。志の高いメンバーが多く、とてもいい環境に恵まれたと思います。お陰で、慣れない英語を話すことに抵抗がなくなり、speakingに自信がつき、ネイティブの人にも自分から話しかけられるようになりました。先生は良い先生がほとんどです。強いて言えば、10人中9人が教え方の上手い良い先生です!またこれる機会があれば、私はもう一度NICEプログラムを選択したいです。

      [ Beijing, China, Masculino ]
      1 de 1 personas econtraron útil la siguiente evaluación:
      I Made Lots of Friends
      I loved NICE very much. The teachers and staff at NICE were very friendly. I really enjoyed the time I studied English at NICE in this paradise, Hawaii. I had a lot of chances to practice my English and learn different cultures from all over the world. Also I made lots of friends and had great fun at NICE. Now my English is much better than before. I studied at UH-Manoa's Department of Anthropology; Specifically, the Luce Asian Archaeology Program. After I go back to China, I will let my students know there is a NICE program in Hawaii and encourage them to improve their English here.

      Huy Pham
      [ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Masculino ]
      0 de 1 personas econtraron útil la siguiente evaluación:
      Enrolled in UHM Master's Program
      NICE helped me in tremendous ways: from listening and speaking through writing! I love Grammar because you facilitated the complication of Grammar so that I could understand and use it easily. After completing NICE (New Intensive Course of English), I enrolled in a Master's program at UHM and loved to take NICE at Night courses which provided me with excellent opportunities to train and practice essential skills for my graduate program. I took writing, pronunciation, and academic speaking. I completed my Master's and now I am pursuing a doctoral program in Education at UHM. My experiences at NICE brought very valuable contributions to my graduate program.

      [ Seoul, Korea, Femenino ]
      4 de 5 personas econtraron útil la siguiente evaluación:
      Academic English Track
      Best Things About NICE Program:
      1) I was introduced to Amercian academic style - how to write essays, how to research articles and materials, and how to interact with professors and staff members.
      2) I got to take classes with different teachers - experience different styles and teaching methods.
      3) I met many good friends from different countries.
      4) Meeting the best English teacher ever. I was able to come across a dream that I am now pursuing - to become a GOOD English teacher myself. :) I entered a master's degree program in San Francisco, California. I'm currently studying TESOL at San Francisco State University. Coming to Hawaii was an eye-opening experience for me. I learned so much, I met so many good people, and I had so much fun! Thank you!!

      [ Tokyo, Japan, Femenino ]
      0 de 1 personas econtraron útil la siguiente evaluación:
      Well Organized to Help Students
      All teachers in NICE have passion to teach English. Also the environment of studying, because NICE is located at UH. We can use its facilities. I researched carefully for a lot of English schools before I decided to go to NICE, but I really think that my decision was right because NICE is well organized to help students. Help means to improve English and to live in Hawaii safely, so I think the people who want to study English can do it without big concern if you chose NICE.

      [ Taipei, Taiwan, Femenino ]
      1 de 2 personas econtraron útil la siguiente evaluación:
      My Knowledge and Enthusiasm Improved
      There are some reasons that make me really like Nice program , First I made lots of friends during the NICE Program, and I also had my first Volunteer experience during the NICE Program, those volunteer opportunities made me start to think about different ways to help people, and different views on facing my future life. Then I also learned lots of useful Business English during the Business class. It was not only English but also I learned about lots of different business cultures. During the NICE, I really feel my Knowledge improved and my enthusiasm. Although, I left NICE already one year ago, I still feel I am part of the NICE students, I really miss the time in NICE Program. NICE gave me really wonderful memories.

      [ Sao Paulo, Brazil, Masculino ]
      Prepared Me For My Career
      All of the teachers were very competent, they were friendly and concerned about how students were doing. They were open all the time for questions and activities about class. Even the office members were helpful and gentle and when somebody needed a hand, they always made it possible to help. The methodology of studies were easily understood and very interesting. Since I finished NICE program I could improve my skills. I could realize it many times. Two months later, after I finished the classes, I went to NY and I could visit all the important places like museums, restaurants, Yankee´s baseball stadium and I was understood all the time. I didn't have problems about my English at all. After that, I came back to Brazil. Here, I could apply for the Master Degree in Engineering what needed a qualifying test in English. I was accepted at the Master's degree program where many English books were used. And now, I am applying for some jobs and all of the interviews are in English, so I can handle that.

      [ Rome, Italy, Femenino ]
      Helped My Understanding of Business World
      NICE really helped me in learning how to use the different forms of the English language, depending on the situation. In the Business Track we specifically learned how to move in the Business world, from the job application to the simulation of how marketing agents work, and this has been remarkable for myself regarding it because I didn't know I could do such things. I also found out I liked the job of marketing agent! While attending NICE I noticed big improvements in my listening comprehension, which was I think my weakest part, and learned tricks on how to keep it trained after coming back home. Then, last but not least, I acquired a lot of Grammar knowledge in a pleasant way, people may think Grammar is boring, but NICE has the trick to teach English having fun!

      Tzuyan Chiou
      [ Taipei, Taiwan ]

      [ Ilsan, Korea ]
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