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Converse International School of Languages, San Diego

CISL - 聖地牙哥分校

Intensive English Course [San Diego, CA]


  • 優質的專業師資,細緻的分級課程
  • 小班制教學(最多不超過8人)
  • 南加州宜人的氣候、輕快的生活節奏和獨特的海濱文化


  • 學校簡介
    • 關於學校
    • 資料數據
    • 學校屬性 : 私立
      成立時間 : 1972
      所屬鑑定/會員機構 : EnglishUSA, CEA
      學生人數 : 120
      每班平均人數 : 8
      機場接機 :
      學費 : 中價位
      地區屬性 : 城市
      交通工具 : 火車,巴士,計程車
    • 聯絡資訊
    • Converse International School of Languages, San Diego
      636 Broadway St., Suite 210
      San Diego, CA  92101  U.S.A.
      TEL: 619-239-3363
      FAX: 619-239-3778
  • 學校詳情
    • 住處
    • 環繞的區域
  • 課程資訊
    • 密集英語課程 (Intensive English Course)

    • 課程内容
    • 相關資訊
    • 班級大小: 8名學生
      班級程度: 10級
      課程長度: 2 - 52週
      最低年齡限制: 17歲
      簽證資訊: 可以頒發I-20
      住處: 寄宿家庭
    • 日期
      • 以下為開課日期,課程長度選擇:2 - 52
      • 2024/06/17
      • 2024/06/24
      • 2024/07/01
      • 2024/07/08
      • 2024/07/15
      • 2024/07/22
      • 2024/07/29
      • 2024/08/05
      • 2024/08/12
      • 2024/08/19
      • 2024/08/26
      • 2024/09/02
      • 2024/09/09
      • 2024/09/16
      • 2024/09/23
      • 2024/09/30
      • 2024/10/07
      • 2024/10/14
      • 2024/10/21
      • 2024/10/28
      • 2024/11/04
      • 2024/11/11
      • 2024/11/18
      • 2024/11/25
      • 2024/12/02
      • 2024/12/09
      • 2024/12/16
    • 費用
    • 申請費用
      US$ 135
      學費 (2024)
      2 週 US $465 Per Week
      3 週 US $455 Per Week
      4-7 週 US $450 Per Week
      8-12 週 US $445 Per Week
      13-24 週 US $425 Per Week
      25+ 週 US $420 Per Week
      US $75
      住宿時間 住宿家庭 學校宿舍/ 校園內的公寓 校園外的住宿
      2 週 US $795 N/A Contact School
      3 週 US $1055 N/A Contact School
      4+ 週 US $400/wk N/A Contact School
      US $80-130
    • 備註
  • 所在地
    • 美國 加州 聖地牙哥市 (San Diego, California)
    • 地址
      Converse International School of Languages, San Diego
      636 Broadway St., Suite 210 San Diego, CA  92101  U.S.A.
    • 至學校的交通方式
    • 從聖地牙哥國際機場(San Diego International Airport)出發:
  • 學生評價與回饋
    • 學術品質: 4.7
      學校環境: 4.2
      教職員的協助: 4.0
      課外與社交活動: 3.3
      住宿品質: 3.4


    • 現在有 6 個評價與回饋
    • 以下是其他語系學生的評價與回饋之翻譯版本

    • Said Jarir
      [ Amsterdam, Netherlands, 男 ]
      Passion of the Teachers
      I really enjoyed studying English in San Diego. CISL really helped me a lot with my Cambridge Exam preparation. I was impressed by the passion of the teachers. What I really liked, were the small classes. There are not more than 8 students in the English classes, so we had more time to focus on the speaking and listening skills. The teachers welcomed any questions and were open to discuss anything that would help us to make more progress in our Cambridge Exam preparation. Learning English with other students from many different countries gave me a lot of opportunity to improve my English. I made many new friends, who allowed me to learn English, because I only could communicate in English with them during and after classes. I would definitely recommend CISL as the best place to study and improve your English skills.

      [ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 女 ]
      Small Class Sizes
      I studied Nutrition in Saudi Arabia and came to the United States for my Master’s in Nutrition. I improved all parts of my English because I couldn’t speak English the first day. I think I made a lot of progress. I was Level 1 when I arrived, and now I am Level 7 after almost one year. My speaking and writing improved the most. I liked the class because it is small, makes me more comfortable, and I get to know everyone. It is easier for the teachers to focus on us and we have time for every person in the class. I preferred my Intensive class because it made me work hard and that’s what I needed. I came to study and not just take a vacation. The Intensive course gave us a lot of vocabulary and now I can read a book in English if I want. People are very, very friendly in San Francisco. The teachers are very good too. They are friendly and helpful not only about subjects in class, but everything. Even if I am in a high level class and have a question, they don’t make me feel like I’m not good at English, they explain it to me. I made a lot of friends because of school and I have friends from every country. Now it makes me think about visiting countries that I never thought about traveling to before.

      [ Rome, Italy, 男 ]
      My English Improved
      I am studying business back in Italy and I wanted to improve my speaking mainly. I write, read, and watch movies, but I don’t have the opportunity to speak often, so I came here. All of my English improved, especially vocabulary and grammar structures like Conditional and more advanced grammar. I improved my fluency since I spoke every day. I did not speak one word of Italian during my time here. It was a great thing that there are people from everywhere and it was a cool chance to try to understand the way people think and react to various issues. We were not only learning, but we also discussed many issues and read articles everyday. The class would be interesting even if it was in Italian! I liked the organized trips to know about the America. I had the opportunity to sightsee and meet people. In two weeks, I can say I lived in San Diego.

      [ Sao Paulo, Brazil, 女 ]
      English Contributes to My Overall Life
      I work for the executive branch of the federal government evaluating public policies. I am planning to work more with international politics and Brazil’s position globally. I am passionate about social policies and social issues. I had lots of expectations for my trip to CISL. My two goals were to improve my English (after more than a decade without studying), and to live abroad in a different culture. I achieved both goals. I learned a lot about the English language as well as the American society and values. I am glad after five and a half months I achieved my main goals. I am updated with international politics. I enjoyed discussing local newspapers in class as well as the New York Times and The Economist. It was the actual news and contemporary issues. My vocabulary improved. The Economist was the hardest at first, but now when I pick up some news I think I can understand at least 80% of what I am reading. When I arrived at CISL, I could understand 60-70% of what people said in conversation, but now I have 80-90% comprehension! My listening improved. When people speak with me, I don’t have to think about it so much. Before I didn’t have enough practice writing, but now I really enjoy it. The last part of my improvement was my speaking, mainly because of my pronunciation. This was the most difficult for me, but I took the opportunity for private lessons and you can improve a lot. I like languages.

      [ Bern, Switzerland, 男 ]
      My Grammar Improved
      I am an ICT systems engineer. I wanted to learn English for myself and to understand it better. It fixed my problems with the grammar. I am a freelancer for Microsoft and a teacher for Microsoft so it is good to speak and understand both languages, English and German. My grammar improved the most in my 4 weeks here and I know more words. I hear the words and hear English everyday so I must not try so hard to think about what the words mean. It’s easier now.

      A Former Student
      [ Seoul, Korea, 21歳, 女 ]
      San Diego
      San Diego was a perfect city to live in.
      A warm climate, kind people, I liked everything.
      Converse also gave me great help and I met many foreigner friends. I can't forget them.
      I want to go back to SD again and again to Converse.
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