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California State University (CSU), San Marcos


American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) [San Marcos, California]


  • 符合学术要求者可申请条件式录取UNCC,并选修大学部的学分课程。
  • “通往南方的国际门户”,夏洛特是一个大都市,提供美妙的生活品质和便利的其他美国旅行体验。
  • ELTI学生可以全面使用北卡罗来纳大学夏洛特市最先进的设施,众多校内餐馆以及各种诱人的住宿选择。


  • 学校简介
    • 关于ESL的课程
    • 资料数据
    • 学校属性 : 公立
      成立时间 : 1992
      所属鉴定/会员机构 : EnglishUSA
      学生人数 : 80
      每班平均人数 : 12-16
      机场接机 :
      学费 : 中价位
      地区属性 : 郊区
      交通工具 : 巴士
    • 导师的话
    • Thank you for visiting our profile at The American Language and Culture Institute is the English language program at California State University San Marcos in beautiful San Diego North - the heart of coastal Southern California. If you are looking for an academic program, you will find excellent English language instruction on a beautiful, modern, safe campus in sunny Southern California. ALCI programs provide challenging and interesting courses for international students and professionals. 90% of students in the Intensive Academic Preparation program continue to university and college degree programs. Our small classes, taught by highly qualified instructors, provide the opportunity for students to improve their English in an academic environment. Completion of ALCI’s highest level provides TOEFL equivalency for admission to the University. Conditional admission to undergraduate and graduate degree programs is available to qualified applicants. ALCI students are a part of the university campus life. Students receive a CSU San Marcos identification card and have access to campus facilities including the library, computer labs, student health clinic, as well as the opportunity to live in the University Village Apartments. To apply, complete's online application form. We look forward to meeting you.
      Mr. Grant Parsons
      Director, American Language and Culture Institute
    • 联络资讯
    • American Language & Culture Institute
      California State University San Marcos

      333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road
      San Marcos, California  92096-0001  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (760) 750-3200
      FAX: +1 (760) 750-3779
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    • 条件式入学/免托福升学/学分课程
  • 课程资讯
    • 密集英语/大学衔接课程 (Intensive English Pathway Program)

    • 课程内容
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    • 班级大小: 12-16名学生
      班级程度: 6级
      课程长度: 9, 10,16周
      最低年龄限制: 18
      入学限制: 高中毕业证书
      签证资讯: 可以颁发I-20
      住处: 校内宿舍或公寓
    • 日期
    • 2024
      8 周:
      10/17 - 12/14

      16 周:
      8/19 - 12/14

    • 费用
    • 申请费用
      US$ 150
      学费 (2024)
      8 周 US$ 4,300
      16 周 US$ 5,950
      10 周 US$ 4,650
      US$ 300 (Homestay), US$ 50 (Dormitory)
      住宿时间 住宿家庭 学校宿舍/ 校园内的公寓 校园外的住宿
      10 周 US$ 4,070 US$ 4,070 N/A
      16 周 US$ 8,140 US$ 8,140 N/A
    • 备注
  • 所在地
    • 美国 加尼佛尼亚州 圣马克斯市 (San Marcos, California)
    • 地址
      American Language & Culture Institute
      California State University San Marcos

      333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road San Marcos, California  92096-0001  U.S.A.
    • 至学校的交通方式
    • 从圣地亚哥国际机场(San Diego International Airport)出发:
      学校为同学提供从机场到达学校的接送服务。收费约为US$75。学生必须在出发前通知学校有关的航班资料。学生也可以乘搭出租车到达学校, 收费约为US$75, 车程约为45分钟。利用巴士的场合,请留意时刻表。

      从洛杉机国际机场(Los Angeles International Airport) 出发:
      学校提供从机场到达学校的接送服务, 收费约为US$180,车程约为120分钟。学生必须在出发前通知学校有关的航班资料。利用巴士的场合,请留意时刻表。
  • 学生评价与回馈
    • 学术品质: 4.0
      学校环境: 3.8
      教职员的协助: 3.8
      课外与社交活动: 3.6
      住宿品质: 4.0


    • 现在有 5 个评价与回馈
    • 以下是其他语系学生的评价与回馈之翻译版本

    • 元留学生
      [ 大阪府, 日本, 21歳, 女 ]

      [ Beijing, China, 女 ]
      Happy Place
      ALCI offers us a happy place to learn English where we get to meet students from all over the world.

      Jin Young
      [ Seoul, Korea, 女 ]
      Learned About Different Cultures
      I had great time at the ALCI. I made friends from different countries, learned about different cultures, and improved my English.

      [ Tokyo, Japan, 男 ]
      Academic Advising
      The ALCI staff and instructors emphasize academic advising for students planning to attend a college or university in the U.S.

      [ Stockholm, Sweden, 女 ]
      Great Teachers
      The ALCI has great teachers and a really good campus. If you want to learn English, you should come here. I loved it , and you will too!
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