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University of Miami (UM)

마이애미 대학

Intensive English Program (IEP) [Coral Gables, Florida]

추천 포인트

  • 65년이 넘는 뛰어난 영어교육
  • 미국 남동부의 가장 큰 사립연구대학
  • 세계적으로 유명한 디즈니 월드와 아름다운 해변가
  • 기본정보
    • ESL프로그램에 대하여
    • 주요정보
    • 학교의 종류 : 사립
      설립년도 : 1951년
      회원/인가(소속)기관 : UCIEP, EnglishUSA / CEA
      정원(재학생수) : 100 -150
      수업당 평균 학생수 : 12 명
      공항마중 : 없음
      학비 : 높은 편임
      위치 : 외곽 도시
      교통편 : 버스, 기차
    • 학교로부터의 메시지
    • Greetings from Miami!
      As Director of the Intensive Language Institute at the University of Miami, I am pleased to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about our Intensive English Program through our partnership with For over 65 years, our Intensive English Program has offered outstanding English language instruction to the international community. The IEP curriculum is designed to provide our students with the academic abilities, language skills and confidence essential to succeed in an American university. Our program encourages intercultural understanding, provides support and guidance for issues outside of the classroom and builds our students' confidence to adapt to university life and American culture. We look forward to meeting you here in Miami and help you attain your academic and personal dreams.

      Michelle M. Alvarez
      Director, Intensive English Program
    • 연락처
    • University of Miami
      Intensive English Program (IEP)

      P.O. Box 248005, 5050 Brunson Drive, 111 Allen Hall
      Coral Gables, Florida  33124  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (305) 284-4000
      FAX: +1 (305) 284-3633
  • 세부정보
    • 숙박
    • 주변환경
    • 전문대학 또는 대학에 대하여
    • 조건부입학제도/TOEFL점수가 필요없는 진학 및 학점인정과목
  • 프로그램 내용
    • 집중 영어 프로그램 (Intensive English Program)

    • 프로그램 설명
    • 프로그램 정보
    • 수업규모: 12 -14 명
      수업수준: 5단계
      수업기간: 6, 14주
      최소한 나이: 18 세 이상
      자격 조건: 없음
      비자정보: I-20 발급
      숙박: 대학 기숙사나 캠퍼스내 아파트
    • 일정
    • 2023
      6 주간:
      2/14 - 4/14

      14 주간:
      1/2 - 4/14

    • 비용
    • 지원서 비용
      US$ 125 (Non-Refundable)
      학비 (2022 - 2023)
      6 주간 US$ 3,300
      14 주간 US$ 5,900
      기간 홈스테이 기숙사 / 교내 아파트 교외 기숙사
      6 주간 N/A US$ 800 US$ 700-1800 Per Month
      14 주간 N/A US$ 2,000 US$ 700-1800 Per Month
      Student Arranged - Contact School for Options
    • 참고
  • 위치
    • 미국 플로리다주 코랄게이블시 (Coral Gables, Florida)
    • 주소
      University of Miami
      Intensive English Program (IEP)

      5050 Brunson Drive Coral Gables, Florida  33124  U.S.A.
    • 찾아가는 방법
    • Miami 국제공항에서 찾아가기:
      공항에서 캠퍼스까지의 공항마중 서비스가 제공되지 않으므로, 학생 스스로 찾아가야 합니다. 공항에서 캠퍼스까지 택시로 20분 정도 소요되며 비용은 대략 US$20입니다. 또한 버스가 정해진 시간표에 따라 운행됩니다.
  • 학교평가
    • 수업의 질: 4.6
      학교 환경, 분위기: 4.6
      학교 스태프의 친절함: 4.7
      야외활동: 4.6
      숙박시설: 4.2


    • 31 건의 학교평가가 있습니다.
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      Roberto Sanchez
      [ Caracas, Venezuela, 41살, 남성 ]
      51명중45분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Great Experience!!!
      Estudiar en una Universidad de la categoria de UM es una experiencia enriquecedora, tanto academica como personalmente, si quieres dar un paso grande hacia tu futuro, este es el lugar correcto.

      Zhanna Aktobe
      [ Aktobe, Kazakhstan, 27살, 여성 ]
      15명중14분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      ESL School
      I believe it is one of the best ESL school in the US. I really liked my instructors and my group mates.

      [ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 여성 ]
      22명중20분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Real Opportunity to Learn English
      The IEP offers a real opportunity for you to learn the English language because it provides many effective ways for you to practice writing, reading, listening and speaking during the course.

      [ Kuwait, Kuwait, 19살, 남성 ]
      11명중10분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      University of Miami, Intensive English Program
      I enjoyed my time at IEP!

      [ Al-Khari, Saudi Arabia, 20살, 남성 ]
      6명중5분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      It is a good school overall.

      [ Kuwait City, Kuwait, 18살, 여성 ]
      8명중8분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      IEP Environment
      Most teachers are friendly and helpful.
      The classes are strict but very beneficial.

      [ Almaty, Kazakhstan, 남성 ]
      4명중4분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      It is so good!

      Armando Ahued
      [ Mexico, Mexico City, 27살, 남성 ]
      UM Good Academic Help
      UM provides extremely good academic help to their students. Honestly, I learned a lot since I have been studying here. I like UM so much that I am applying for a graduate program in Business Administration. I strongly recommend the University of Miami if you want to really improve your English

      Bassam Alassade
      [ Riyadh, Saud, 남성 ]
      2명중2분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      My Choice to Study in America
      Miami was my first choice to study in the United States, and my decision was a result of careful thinking, research, and study. There are many factors that make students enjoy the study here. First of all, the weather in Miami is moderate most times of the year. It doesn't snow and interrupt the life as it happens in some other cities. Second, Miami people are kind and helpful. In addition, Miami buildings have fantastic architectural style, and its streets are wide, clean and beautiful. It's also an international city; you will find different people from many countries that makes Miami more interesting. Finally, the most important factor is the availability of many universities led by the University of Miami, who is a pioneer university worldwide. It ranks high in the world's universities ranking. In addition, it has a gorgeous campus and provides excellent services to students. Certainly, its English Language Institute (IEP) has proven to have a high level of teaching English. And from my experience it is the right place for foreign students to master English language.

      Saleh Aljamaan
      [ Alfufof, Saudi Arabia, 25살, 남성 ]
      1명중1분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      IEP has many advantages
      I would like to contribute you my story with IEP. When I got my scholarship to study abroad, I was thinking about which is the best institution in the United States that would make my improve suddenly, so I started researching to find the greatest place to learn my English, so I decided to study there. Now I have been here almost one year, and really my English is improving, and I can speak very well. In addition, every teacher tries helping you as much as they can. The IEP has many advantages to develop your English such as courses, teachers, and tools of learning. I recommend anyone who wants to study English, come to the IEP.

      Salah Saleh
      [ Algoryat, Saudi Arabia, 19살, 남성 ]
      1명중1분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      I am lucky to come to the IEP
      My name is Salah Saleh Alsharari. I am from Saudi Arabia. I had been studying in DC before I came to Miami, but I didn't improve a lot, so after 6 months, I took vacation and I came to Miami to see about the school, and have a fun time, and I found the UMIEP. After that, I visited UM, and I asked 5 people about the IPE. I didn't know them, but all of them told me the IEP is very good and you will improve fast. Now, I say "thank god, I am lucky to come to the IEP."

      Maria Emilia Cevallos
      [ Quito, Ecuador, 여성 ]
      4명중3분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Close to Home
      I choose the IEP because it was close to home. But after I came here, I’m really glad that I made the decision to come here. Because the teachers are all
      very welcoming; and I was able to make friends from all over the world. The class activities really help me to not only learn English, but also learn
      American culture. I was also able to practice English with native speakers through the conversation program. I really enjoyed my time here, and I will
      definitely recommend this program to my friends.

      Laura Becht
      [ Paris, France, 여성 ]
      5명중5분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Multicultural IEP
      I like the multicultural aspects of IEP. It’s a great experience to meet all the people from different countries. At first, I was very nervous because I didn’t
      know a lot of English. I was very shy, but all the teachers in IEP really encouraged me. Now I’m able to express myself in English. I also enjoyed all the
      activities in IEP, especially the International Thanksgiving. I was away from home. Participating in this event, and celebrate Thanksgiving with friends
      from all over the world made me feel like IEP is my home away from home.

      Abitbekov Aibolat
      [ Astana, Kazakhstan, 남성 ]
      2명중2분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Miami has changed my life
      Studying in Miami has changed my life in ways that I cannot imagine. After studying here, I have made extremely important contacts. I believe that my
      classmates will become future engineers, doctors, politicians in their country. No matter where we end up in the future, we will always remember each
      other, and the time we have spent together at IEP. I believe that IEP is the first step for me to become a successful person. When I go to Saudi Arabia,
      France, China, Colombia, and all the other countries, I will have friends there. We can share ideas, do business, and more importantly, we can tie the
      relationship between our countries. I’m so happy that I chose the University of Miami, because day after day, I learned so much so my teachers. They are
      kind, patient, and they understand their students. And they are always there to help us.

      Orianna Polanco
      [ Caracas, Venezuela, 여성 ]
      3명중3분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Activities at IEP
      IEP is a place where we can meet new people and learn about their cultures. We have fun activities such as the International Thanksgiving Celebration,
      Orlando trip, and the Halloween party. All the activities help us make new friends. The teachers in IEP are really friendly, and they are always eager to
      help us. I love the way I learn in IEP. The teachers make learning fun and easy for students.

      Ziwen Wang
      [ Shanghai, China ]
      2명중2분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      I enjoyed my time as an IEP student very much
      When I first came to the IEP, I felt nervous and strange, but all the teachers are very kind and patient. Gradually, I adapted to the environment here and
      feel very comfortable now. Aside from my hometown friends here, I made some friends from Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and Venezuela. I learned their culture
      and integrated with them. It’s definitely worth studying at IEP to gain this kind of experience. I also learned to work in groups, accept others suggestions
      and express my opinions. I’m sure this skill will help me in the University. These opportunities were significant to my experience in the United States. I
      participated in activities such as attending Miami Heat and Dolphins games and Special Olympics. Each brought significant meaning to my life in the
      United States. During my time at the IEP, I strengthened my English ability. The IEP teachers make classes fun and enjoyable. I enjoyed my time as an
      IEP student very much.

      [ Taipei, Taiwan, 29살, 남성 ]

      A Former Student
      [ Dammam, Saudi Arabian, 21살, 남성 ]

      Chen Sihan
      [ Shenzhen, China, 남성 ]

      Eli Bru
      [ Madrid, Spain, 여성 ]

      [ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 남성 ]

      [ Caracas, Venezuela, 18살, 남성 ]

      Liseomara Medina
      [ Lecherias, Venezuela, 18살, 여성 ]

      A Former Student
      [ City, Mexico, 52살, 여성 ]

      A Former Student
      [ Riyadh, Ksa, 19살, 남성 ]

      Mohammed Ashkanani/Moe
      [ Kuwait, Kuwait ]

      Gustavo Scaglione
      [ Bahia, Brazil, 19살, 남성 ]

      Gustavo Franco
      [ Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil, 28살, 여성 ]

      [ Kuwait city, Kuwait, 18살, 남성 ]

      [ Bethlehem, Palestine, 19살, 남성 ]

      [ Barquisimeto Lara, Venezuela, 18살, 여성 ]
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