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Boston University (BU)

보스턴 대학

Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP) [Boston, MA]

추천 포인트

  • 여러분의 학업목적에 따라 수업을 선택할 수 있는 기회가 제공되는 높은 수준의 어학 프로그램
  • Boston University의 모든 시설과 서비스 이용
  • 미국의 교육 중심가이자 60개의 대학들이 위치하고 있는 Boston에 위치
  • 기본정보
    • ESL 학교에 대하여
    • 주요정보
    • 학교의 종류 : 사립
      설립년도 : 1975년
      회원/인가(소속)기관 : UCIEP / CEA
      정원(재학생수) : 250 - 500
      수업당 평균 학생수 : 15 명
      공항마중 : 제공되지 않음
      학비 : 높은 편임
      위치 : 대도시
      교통편 : 버스, 전철, 기차
    • 학교로부터의 메시지
    • Greetings from Boston University CELOP!
      Since 1975, we have helped over 60,000 students improve their English for their academic and professional goals. CELOP offers the highest quality instruction from the country’s best teachers and gives students the opportunity to study on campus as a Boston University student. I invite you to learn more about us and discover how the CELOP experience is unlike any other.
      Martina Mazaheri, Managing Director
      Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP)
      Boston University
    • 연락처
    • Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP)
      Boston University

      890 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor
      Boston, MA  02215  U.S.A.
      TEL: 617-353-4870
      FAX: 617-353-6195
      E-mail: celop@bu.edu
      Website: http://www.bu.edu/celop
  • 세부정보
    • 숙박
    • 주변환경
    • 전문대학 또는 대학에 대하여
    • 조건부입학제도/TOEFL점수가 필요없는 진학 및 학점인정과목
  • 프로그램 내용
    • 집중 프로그램 (Intensive 12-Week Program: 20 Hours)

    • 프로그램 설명
    • 프로그램 정보
    • 수업규모: 12 -15 명
      수업수준: 8 단계
      수업기간: 12 주
      최소한 나이: 17 세 이상
      자격 조건: 고졸 이상 또는 이와 동등한 학력
      비자정보: I-20 발급
      숙박: 기숙사, 교내 아파트
    • 일정
    • 2022
      4 주간:
      7/18 - 8/12

      6 주간:
      5/24 - 7/17/5 - 8/129/19 - 10/2810/31 - 12/9
      12 주간:
      5/24 - 8/129/19 - 12/9

    • 비용
    • 지원서 비용
      US$ 110
      학비 (2022 - 2023)
      4 주간 US$ 2,910
      6 주간 US$ 3,650
      12 주간 US$ 7,025
      기간 홈스테이 기숙사 / 교내 아파트 교외 기숙사
      4 주간 N/A US$ 2,192 N/A
      6 주간 N/A US$ 3,296 N/A
      12 주간 N/A US$ 6,592 N/A
    • 참고
  • 위치
    • 미국 보스턴, 메사츄세츠주 (Boston, Massachusetts)
    • 주소
      Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP)
      Boston University

      890 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor Boston, MA  02215  U.S.A.
    • 찾아가는 방법
    • Logan 국제공항에서 찾아가기:
      공항에서 캠퍼스까지의 공항마중 서비스가 제공되지 않으므로, 학생 스스로 찾아가야 합니다. 공항에서 캠퍼스까지 택시로 20분 정도 소요되며 비용은 대략 US$30-40입니다. 전철이 정해진 시간표에 따라 운행됩니다.
  • 학교평가
    • 수업의 질: 4.6
      학교 환경, 분위기: 4.4
      학교 스태프의 친절함: 4.6
      야외활동: 4.2
      숙박시설: 3.3


    • 18 건의 학교평가가 있습니다.
    • 아래는 다른 언어의 학교평가 입니다.
    • ApplyESL은 사용자의 편의를 위해 부분적으로 이용되는 Google 기계 번역의 오류나 품질한에서는 어떠한 책임도 없습니다.

      [ Taipei, Taiwan, 27살, 여성 ]
      32명중31분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      可以使用到所有BU的學校設施之外,CELOP有academic adviser 專門協助學生詢問申請學校的問題。師資部分也很好,老師們每週都會固定開會,瞭解所有學生的狀況。學生之間素質也很齊,蠻多同學其實已經是BU的學生,在這裡加強語言能力;或者是拿到temporary admission, 在這裡把英文能力build up起來後,返回開始課業。所以在這裡可以打聽到不少美國求學的訊息。唯一不好的是,亞洲人很多,台灣與內地的人不少,所以要記得和不同國家的人多chat,才不會在這裡都講中文。

      [ 新潟県, 日本, 24살, 남성 ]
      15명중13분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.

      Daisuke T.
      [ Tokyo, Japan, 남성 ]
      1명중1분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      How to Survive
      I'm currently studying at Babson College for a graduate degree. The reason why I could study here is because of my time and experience at CELOP. The last semester that I took was the Pre-MBA course. This class focused on how to read cases and prepare for business school classes. I think CELOP helped me get used to how to survive in class discussions.

      Qian Wang
      [ Wuhan, China, 여성 ]
      1명중0분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      I had a really wonderful time at CELOP and made a lot of friends that I still keep in touch with today. My instructors were great and taught me a lot both inside and outside classroom. I also had a conversation partner who was very helpful in improving my English. I loved the FitRec gym, it looked great and it was free! I also participated in a lot of activities such as ski trips, theater performances and basketball games. I never felt bored while studying at CELOP. I'm currently working as a director in an educational company which helps students to improve their English. My experience at CELOP really helped me learn more about American culture and schools which has allowed me to succeed in my current position.

      Berik Meirkhanov
      [ Astana, Kazakhstan, 남성 ]
      I have been spent a great time with my teachers and classmates and they all taught me a lot of things. One teacher invited me and my family to celebrate Thanksgiving at his home with his family. It was awesome! We had a good experience and received information about American culture. After CELOP, I am going to enter a university. I would tell future CELOP students to study hard and do as much homework as possible.

      Abdulrahman Alrumaithi
      [ Abu Dhabi, UAE, 남성 ]
      CELOP Has Strong Educators
      When I started at CELOP I was reading and writing at a beginner level of English. During this time I was also learning how to adapt to the American culture. The CELOP faculty provided me with a support system to help with my everyday struggles of learning in a whole new setting and environment. CELOP has strong educators that are willing to help you every step of the way. Try and push yourself to interact with others who you may not normally communicate with. Learning English is one aspect of the program, but you will learn that this program will help develop future relationships that are everlasting. Now, I am proud to say I have recently graduated with a Master's degree in business from Boston University.

      Sameer Alghamdi
      [ Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 남성 ]
      Bringing Everyone Together
      I had an amazing time during my enrollment at CELOP. I met a lot of great friends from all over the world and that how CELOP works, they bring everyone together. I had been taught by some great teachers whom I still remember now. Without CELOP, I wouldn't be able to enter a university and finish my studies. My second goal was to get a job after I finished my studies and that's exactly what I did. I would encourage you to take advantage of all the activities that CELOP offers because that is how you can learn English. CELOP is a place of seriousness, fun, joy, and hard-work all combined together and that is what makes it unique among all other English Institutions in Boston.

      Jose Martínez
      [ Chelva, Spain, 남성 ]
      Successful on TOEFL
      CELOP helped me to become a lot more confident with the English language. My time at CELOP was really hectic because of the numerous homework and my need of dedicating time to my musical instrument daily. It was a difficult beginning of my studies in the US but I knew I had to deal with that for the better. While at CELOP I gained the necessary skills to be successful on the TOEFL. I acquired a lot of new vocabulary that helped me in the different sections of the Test. My teachers were constantly willing to help and did even extra hours when I needed them outside of the classroom. I am very glad that I decided to attend CELOP for one semester. Please, do not think twice to study English at CELOP. Your time at Boston University studying English will be life-changing!

      Marcus Bezerra
      [ Fortaleza, Brazil, 남성 ]
      Best Immersive Experience
      CELOP provided me the best immersive experience I could ever have. The classes were fun and all the professors I had made me feel very comfortable when speaking in English. Besides the professional experience, I made very good friends from different parts of the world. I will never forget the great professors I had and fun we had together. CELOP was a bridge to university and just the beginning of my career. Within only few months, I was accepted by Boston University. I am very proud to say I was part of CELOP's family and I'll really miss the classes. Use everything CELOP provides for you. There are different conversation clubs, events, trips and things to do among the other students. Get immersed into the U.S. culture. It will be very fun to make friends from different parts of the world. Boston is an amazing city and one of the best destinations of the world to grow.

      Greta Welle
      [ Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, 여성 ]
      I had a very pleasant experience at CELOP. I made really good friends and learned a lot. The teachers are really good and the teaching system is excellent. I was able to become fluent, and improve my grammar and vocabulary. CELOP helped with my universities application, and guided me with the TOEFL preparation.
      CELOP provides the best education, comfort, and facilities, especially because we're allowed to use BU's facilities. I would suggest to take advantage of everything that CELOP offers.

      Araceli Rosas Fernandez
      [ Puebla, Mexico, 여성 ]
      Very Exciting!
      At CELOP, I was immersed in a group of students from all over the world. It was very exciting and enriching. My teachers helped me discover the potential that I had for learning and improving my English. The staff members made me feel comfortable and welcome.
      The curriculum at CELOP enabled me to improve my TOEFL and IELTS English language proficiency tests. As a result, I have been accepted to a postdoctoral program.
      CELOP offers social activities for creating a network where you will learn not only a new language, but also improve your social skills and learn about people from around the world. Don’t be afraid or shy. Make friends and learn about American culture and explore everything CELOP has to offer.

      [ 新北市, 台灣, 32살, 여성 ]
      71명중64분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Nice Experience at Boston University (CELOP)
      I had a great summer in Boston in 2011. The staff at CELOP were very nice and my teachers all worked on our classes elaborately. There are many interesting activities to do in Boston in the summer! I have to say it was great to study English at CELOP in the summer!

      [ Tainan, Taiwan, 27살, 여성 ]
      12명중9분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      I loved my teachers and classmates at Boston University. :)

      [ Pohang, Korea, 23살, 남성 ]
      8명중6분이 이 평가가 도움이 되었다고 투표 하였습니다.
      Very Satisfied with Boston University (CELOP)
      I visited Boston University about 5 years ago, so I'm sure some things have changed since I was there. I was satisfied with Boston University in that there were very good programs and the location of the school was Boston, a very historical city with many famous universities including Harvard and MIT.

      [ Taipei, Taiwan ]

      [ Changhua, Taiwan ]

      [ Yunlin, Taiwan, 30살, 여성 ]

      Carrie Cheng
      [ 台北, 台灣 ]
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