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Ohio University


Ohio Program of Intensive English [Athens, Ohio]


  • 正式的學生可以額外增加學術寫作、口語溝通以及助教(TA)訓練課程。
  • 體驗位於俄亥俄大學裏風景如畫的 “綠色校園”,這裡有傳統建築特色的大樓、以磚砌成的步道 以及綠樹。
  • 美中的景緻 – 享有哥倫比亞鄰近地區的美景及便利性。(哥倫比亞是俄亥俄州的首都。)


  • 學校簡介
    • 關於ESL的課程
    • 資料數據
    • 學校屬性 : 公立
      成立時間 : 1967
      所屬鑑定/會員機構 : UCIEP, EnglishUSA
      學生人數 : 110 - 125
      每班平均人數 : 11
      機場接機 :
      學費 : 中價位
      地區屬性 : 鄉村
      交通工具 : 巴士
    • 導師的話
    • Greetings from Ohio!
      Welcome to the Ohio University Intensive English Program on For over 35 years, we have been providing students with English Language and Academic Skills preparation for academic study or general fluency. Our small community of Athens, Ohio, located in the midst of a national forest preserve in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, has welcomed students from around the world for over one hundred years.
      Admission to our program gives you full access to all university facilities and our placement in the College of Arts and Sciences allows us to provide a smooth transition into academic coursework. Our offices, classrooms, and language labs are all centrally located in a newly renovated facility shared with Modern Languages and Linguistics. Our faculty are experienced and frequent contributors to national and international conferences. The university itself provides vast options of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs once you complete your language study. Most importantly, we provide excellent instruction, an opportunity to live in the dorms with native English speakers, activities to ease your transition into the university culture, and one of the most beautiful large university campuses around. Trees, gardens, hills, lakes, and a river are all set far enough from large cities to allow a peaceful place to work, study and play. We''d love to see you here because we know you''ll want to stay.
      Gery Krzic
      Director, Ohio Program of Intensive English
    • 聯絡資訊
    • Ohio University
      Ohio Program of Intensive English

      155 Gordy Hall
      Athens, Ohio  45701  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 740-593-4575
      FAX: +1 740-593-4577
  • 學校詳情
    • 住處
    • 環繞的區域
    • 關於學院或大學
    • 條件式入學 / 免托福升學 / 學分課程
  • 課程資訊
    • 全日密集英語課程 (Full-Time Intensive English Program)

    • 課程内容
    • 相關資訊
    • 班級大小: 10 - 12 名學生
      班級程度: 5 級
      課程長度: 15週
      最低年齡限制: 18 歲
      簽證資訊: 可以頒發I-20
      住處: 校內宿舍或公寓
    • 日期
    • 2023
      15 週:
      1/3 - 4/23
      報名截止日: 10/30

    • 費用
    • 申請費用
      US $45
      學費 (2022)
      15 週 US $6,627
      4 週 US $1,767
      住宿時間 住宿家庭 學校宿舍/ 校園內的公寓 校園外的住宿
      15 週 N/A US $3,403 N/A
      4 週 N/A US $907 N/A
      US $70
      US $1,000 (15w)
      US $738 (15w)
    • 備註
  • 所在地
    • 美國 俄亥俄州﹐亞森市 (Athens, Ohio)
    • 地址
      Ohio University
      Ohio Program of Intensive English

      155 Gordy Hall Athens, Ohio  45701  U.S.A.
    • 至學校的交通方式
    • 哥倫巴斯國際機場(Port Columbus International Airport):
  • 影音/視頻