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Lewis & Clark


Academic English Studies (AES) [Portland, Oregon]


  • 通过课堂参与、会话伙伴、辅导以及 AES 或 LC 活动与路易斯克拉克学院的学生互动。
  • 通过内容丰富且富有挑战性的课程提高您的学术技能、英语技能和批判性思考能力。
  • 通过路易斯克拉克学院在全奥勒冈州开展的户外活动体验精彩户外,活动包括背包旅行、泛舟、滑雪和海上皮艇。


  • 学校简介
    • 关于ESL的课程
    • 资料数据
    • 学校属性 : 私立
      成立时间 : 1972
      所属鉴定/会员机构 : UCIEP, EnglishUSA
      学生人数 : 30 - 50
      每班平均人数 : 8 - 14
      机场接机 :
      学费 : 中价位
      地区属性 : 郊区
      交通工具 : 巴士
    • 导师的话
    • Welcome to Academic English Studies in beautiful Portland, Oregon. AES just might be the most challenging English learning experience that you will ever love! We take our responsibility very seriously to prepare you for future studies and careers which require you to be proficient in English. We also, of course, believe that your experience outside of the class is just as important as what you learn in the class. That is why we encourage students to join campus activities, clubs, and seminars. We also provide opportunities to work with Lewis & Clark students in your classrooms, match you with tutors and conversation partners, and connect you with Portlanders through our Community Friends Program. Our student workers plan lunchtime conversation hours and other activities, so you get to know Lewis & Clark students and create long-lasting friendships.

      AES students have full access to all campus facilities and services, including the 24-hour library, the sports facilities, cafeterias, and on-campus living if you choose. Our free shuttle takes you downtown in 20 minutes, where you can connect to public transportation anywhere in the Portland metro area. Join us at AES, for what many of our students say is the best intensive English program they have been a part of. We look forward to meeting you here in Portland!
      Laura Shier
      Director, Academic English Studies
    • 联络资讯
    • Lewis & Clark
      Academic English Studies, MSC 125

      615 S. Palatine Hill Road
      Portland, Oregon  97219-7899  U.S.A.
      TEL: +1 (503) 768-7310 (PST)
      FAX: N/A
  • 学校详情
    • 住处
    • 环绕的区域
    • 关于学院或大学
    • 条件式入学/免托福升学/学分课程
  • 课程资讯
  • 所在地
    • 美国 奥勒冈州,波特兰市 (Portland, Oregon)
    • 地址
      Lewis & Clark
      Academic English Studies, MSC 125

      615 S. Palatine Hill Road Portland, Oregon  97219-7899  U.S.A.
    • 至学校的交通方式
    • 波特兰国际机场(Portland International Airport):
      学校提供从机场到校的免费接机服务,车程约20分钟。也可搭出租车,Uber, Lyft等车资约美金30元,约20分钟可到校。或是搭公交车也可到校,但班次有限。
  • 学生评价与回馈
    • 学术品质: 4.8
      学校环境: 5.0
      教职员的协助: 4.8
      课外与社交活动: 3.8
      住宿品质: 4.8


    • 现在有 5 个评价与回馈
    • 以下是其他语系学生的评价与回馈之翻译版本

    • 學生
      [ 台北, 台灣 ]

      [ 北海道, 日本, 20歳, 女 ]
      Lewis & Clark

      Milim Jeong
      [ Busan, USA, 23歳, 女 ]
      Highly Recommend
      Portland itself is very beautiful and the people are friendly to foreigners. There was no stress at all when it came to life in Portland even though it took some time to adjust to a new place. The classes are small enough so that we have plenty of chances to participate in class. The teachers are eager to get students involved in class and they are very nice. In particular, the AES office is there for you when you need help with anything. The school bulidings are clean and modern. and the surroundings are beautiful. I had hoped that the school might offer some more outdoor activities, but the school did arrange a series of activities for international students, although the participation rate was quite low since there were some students who already lived in Portland or in the USA before. However, overall, I loved it and I would highly recommend other students to study English at Lewis & Clark College.

      Gina Hsu
      [ Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 22歳, 女 ]
      It’s good to study here!
      I really like to study at Lewis & Clark College; it’s really a good school to learn English. In the beginning, I decided to study here for one semester, but at the end of the semester, I changed my mind to stay here for one more semester. The professors here help us a lot. They help us to solve every problem we have. They want us to learn more and learn something useful. Although the tuition is a little bit expensive, it is worth it. Besides, people here are really kind and friendly. They greet you even though they don’t know who you are. In addition, we have lots of outdoor activities. It’s good to study here.
      L&C is located in a mountain. It is 30 minutes from downtown. However, we have a shuttle bus to go downtown every day, and it’s free. Also, we have Max and street cars downtown. Anyway, it’s really convenient to study here!

      [ Kimhae, South Korea, 22歳, 男 ]