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Types of Housing

On-Campus vs Off-Campus

Advantages - The biggest advantage of living in on-campus housing is the accessibility to the schoolfs on-campus facilities and activities. For example, a student living on-campus can easily walk to and make use of classroom buildings, computer labs, libraries, sports facilities, student centers, and cafeterias at their own convenience. Additionally, students who live on-campus are directly exposed to many different social activities through constant interaction with other students.

Disadvantages - The disadvantage of living in on-campus housing is a comparatively less amount of privacy. Although each school's facilities are different, some students living on-campus may find themselves sharing a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen with one or more roommates. In this intimately shared living environment, it may be difficult to find private time for oneself or to entertain guests. Students with families may find this housing option to be especially inconvenient.

Advantages - The biggest advantages of living in off-campus housing are the independence and opportunities for cultural exploration. Living away from campus allows students to separate themselves from the academic environment and directly participate in the host country's culture and society. For example, students living on a homestay will have more direct exposure into the host country's culture through daily interaction with the host family. Students living in other types of off-campus housing will also have opportunities for independent cultural exploration, without the guidance of a host family.

Disadvantages - Although the off-campus housing facilities for each school are different, the possible disadvantages of off-campus living are a lack of constant interaction with fellow students, lengthy commuting distance to school, and comparatively higher expenses.

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