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Sample Letters to Send to Schools

Prior to Departure

Change in Airport Pick-Up Schedule

You may experience an unavoidable delay in your travel plans due to either personal reasons or weather conditions. If your flight information is expected to change, it is important that you contact your school as soon as possible with your new flight information, including the new arrival date and time, arrival airport, airline name and flight number.

E-mail Sample:

Subject: Notice of Delayed Arrival
Dear Sir or Madam:

I was recently accepted to your Intensive English Program for the session beginning on September 1, 2020.

I will not be able to attend your school’s first day of class on September 1 due to personal circumstances. As a result, I changed my flight schedule. Please re-arrange the airport pick-up service to meet me upon my arrival. Below, please find my new flight information:

New Arrival Date: September 4, 2020
Arrival Time: 16:00
Arrival Airport: JFK International Airport
Flight Number: Air France Airlines #10
Thank you very much for your assistance and I look forward to seeing you at the airport.


Henri Tatou

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