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추천서는 자신에 대해서 제3자로부터 평가받는 것입니다. 학교가 추천서의 제출을 요구한 경우, 추천서작성은 일반적으로 대학 등의 지도교수, 고등학교 선생님, 직장 상사 등 지원자의 능력을 가까이에서 관찰할 수 있거나 관찰하였던 사람에게 의뢰합니다. 분량은 보통 일반적으로 A4 용지로 대략 1~2장 정도입니다. 추천서에는 추천자와 지원자와의 관계(지원자의 교수 또는 상사), 지원한 해당 어학원에서 공부하는 의의 등이 구체적으로 명시되어야 합니다.

■영문 양식 예문

April 30, 2020

ABC Language School
15 West 44th Street
New York, New York 10036 USA

Dear Sir/ Madam, ,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend So Young Kim to attend your English program. For three years, So Young Kim was a student in my English grammar and conversation class.

So Young Kim was an outstanding student. Her interest to learn the English language allowed her to develop her English skills and earn high scores on the exams. She was always enthusiastic about discussing various subjects pertaining to foreign cultures and voicing her opinions about current events.

So Young Kim was an active member of the International Exchange & Culture Club. She took on leadership roles by organizing events and challenged her fellow students by raising interesting questions and making intelligent comments. So Young Kim was an impressive student, always active in events and curious about her projects.

She hopes to develop and improve her English skills at your school in order to prepare herself to attend college in the United States. I am confident she is qualified to attend your program and will succeed in her English studies. It is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend So Young Kim to attend your reputable program.

Yours Sincerely,

Ji Won Park
Chief Instructor
English Department
Kyoung Chung High School High School

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